Leapdroid: Pioneering Online Portal Solutions from Bucharest’s Tech Innovators


Online portals have proven themselves to be an effective tool in today’s digital era, as they provide users with a single point of access to multiple types of information and services. Companies around the world make use of these portals to streamline their operations, deliver services, and engage with their users. This article will highlight several companies headquartered in Bucharest, Romania, that are making strides in various industries through the use of online portals.

The companies discussed here vary in nature, from energy distribution and business training solutions to e-commerce and recruitment platforms. Each of these companies leverage online portals as a crucial part of their business models, demonstrating the significant impact of this technology on diverse sectors. Moreover, these companies not only contribute to the development of the digital era in Romania but also to the dynamic global digital landscape.

While the proliferation of online portals might seem typical in technology-oriented fields, it is interesting to note how enterprises in other areas – like energy distribution and manufacturing – are harnessing this resource to improve their operations. In this way, online portals are not just a novelty, but a necessity improving businesses’ efficiency while being user-friendly.

Premier Energy

Headquartered in Bucharest, Premier Energy is at the forefront of the energy and environmental engineering sectors. The company specializes in the distribution and supply of natural gas in Romania, providing network construction and maintenance services for users. Premier Energy has established a robust online presence allowing its users to easily access their services.

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Code of Talent

At the intersection of e-learning, information technology, and online portals, Code of Talent stands out. Founded by Adela and Vlad Grigoriu, the company offers a SaaS platform for employee education. Code of Talent has established its reputation through real-time, cost-effective training solutions that drive behavior change and immediate business impact.

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evoMAG is an e-commerce platform specializing in new and refurbished consumer electronics. The company offers a vast array of products, from phones and laptops to air conditioners and home appliances, improving its services by implementing real-time online stock display.

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Founded by Ionut Neagu, Themeisle offers unique WordPress themes and plugins to meet various business development needs. With its dedicated Pirate Club, Themeisle provide unlimited small fixes and proactive support for a yearly fee. This innovative approach showcases the far-reaching potential of online portals in software and business development.

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Located in Bucharest, Myjob is an online portal focusing on employment and recruiting. The platform bridges the gap between job seekers and employers, making the job search process easier and more efficient.

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As a manufacturing company, Radox gleans the benefits of online portal utilization to improve its business operation in Bucharest. While details are yet to be fully disclosed, Radox marks an interesting example of online portal application beyond the tech industry.


A10 (Artmark)

Headquartered in Bucharest, A10, also known as Artmark, combines the arts, e-commerce, online auctions, and online portals. Art lovers and collectors can freely explore and acquire art through Artmark’s platform – another brilliant way to maximize the potentials of online portals.

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AloShop, centered in Bucharest operates in the retail and beauty sectors. While the company keeps a lower digital profile than the others on this list, it remains to be seen how they will utilize an online portal to bolster their success in the future.

Invie Traditia Crafts

Continuing the trend of stacking e-commerce, arts, and online portals, Invie Traditia Crafts in Bucharest offers a unique cultural experience. The company offers a unique platform for displaying and selling traditional crafts.



Floria, a company based in Bucharest specializing in flowers, e-commerce, and online portals, offers an accessible and user-friendly platform for floral services. By tapping into the potential of online portals, Floria streamlines its operations and customer service, providing users with a seamless experience.



InviteMe, a digital media company in Bucharest, offers an innovative approach to event management and invitations. By utilizing an online portal, InviteMe makes event organizing and invitation dissemination easy and hassle-free, proving the versatility and efficacy of online technologies.

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