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Why All Eyes Are On The New Ray-Ban Smart Glasses

For generations, Ray-Ban has been known for its iconic sunglasses and innovative attitude. True to form, the globally-recognised eyewear leader recently expanded its influence by entering into a multiple-year partnership with Meta in 2021. Since then, the collaboration has resulted in its first-generation pair of smart glasses called Ray-Ban Stories. This is Meta and Ray-Ban’s first product related to plans to build a Metaverse. In the near future, these smart glasses are expected to be instrumental in creating what the partners consider more immersive AR (augmented reality).

For more on what makes these smart glasses intriguing, read on.

The Background of Wearable Tech and Smart Glasses

Although wearable tech is mostly associated with the 21st century, its first iterations actually came as early as 1975 in the form of Casios’ calculator watch. Decades later, with the advent of the internet, wearable tech has become widely accessible and sophisticated, with almost everyone wearing a smartwatch. In fact, Statista forecasts that 4.4 million Brits will use smartwatches by 2027.

Now while wrist wearables are arguably the most common wearable tech, recent trends in social media, content sharing, AR, and virtual worlds have shifted the industry’s trajectory toward smart glasses. Unlike other wearable tech iterations, smart glasses aim to provide a more intuitive experience as they project directly onto the user’s line of sight. However, smart glasses are still in their early days.

Early attempts at creating augmented reality glasses, such as the Google Glass, garnered mixed reviews. Specifically, there were concerns about privacy and appearance. Users were worried that this had murky data privacy policies and that the glasses were too bulky for daily wear. Interestingly, though, they received enough support that apps were made to be compatible with them. This proved that while there is much work to be done, smart glasses have a place in the market.

Introducing Ray-Ban Stories

Fast forward to 2021 with the introduction of Ray-Ban’s newest product, Stories. These smart glasses sparked excitement among consumers and industry insiders anew with their more streamlined and sophisticated style and function. Due to the brand’s rising demand in the UK and other countries, as well as its reputation for creating fashionable glasses, Ray-Ban ascended as a unique competitor in the market.

During their development process, Ray-Ban’s engineering team miniaturised each camera and audio component to make it suitable for everyday use. They also tested multiple models and eyeglass frames with a flexible circuit board to ensure optimum style and comfort.

Form and Function in One

The Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses has a thoughtfully-designed range of signature looks to choose from and a practical array of camera and audio features. Combining Meta’s cutting-edge technology and Ray-Ban’s iconic style, these digital spectacles can help users stay connected and stylish while capturing moments in real time.

Among its intricate details, a standout aspect Ray-Ban Stories have is its discreet integration of dual 5MP cameras at both ends of the frames. These cameras operate with automatic light adjustment and stereoscopic photo depth. The glasses also come with built-in open-ear speakers tailored in the same subtle fashion.

Stylish Design

These innovative spectacles exhibit a sleek design in the following styles: Wayfarer, Round, and Meteor. Users can also select frame colours like shiny black, blue, brown, and olive. With these versatile options, people can effortlessly integrate smart glasses into their casual wardrobe, solving a popular concern from its early versions.

Extra Features

Aside from being stylish, Ray-Ban Stories can also come with prescription lenses customised to a user’s visual needs. This ensures that even users in need of corrective eyewear can optimise smart glasses. It’s also packed with a USB-C charging cable, a cleaning cloth for the lenses, and a compact charging case ready to go.

What Sets These Smart Glasses Apart

Based on its development process, Ray-Ban Stories focuses on maximum comfort and user-friendliness. Users can control these glasses through simple touch gestures and voice commands, all without the need for a smartphone. They’re also incredibly lightweight for daily wear, weighing only 49 grams.

Furthermore, these smart glasses sync seamlessly with the Facebook View app. From this feature, users can stay connected at all times. They can easily import, edit, and manage their captured content, as well as share them across any social platform in one tap of a finger.

Are the Ray-Ban Smart Glasses Worth Getting?

With its smooth combination of stylish form and functionality, Ray-Ban Stories stand out as a strong contender in the market, especially for tech enthusiasts who love to capture memories on the go. If you’re interested in getting your pair, visit Ray-Ban’s website or their select stores in the UK, Ireland, Spain, Canada, Austria, and France.

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