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Leap Droid provides market analysis, expert guides and expertise on the mobile app, mobile hardware and app industry.

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Leap Droid provides market analysis, expert guides and expertise on the mobile app, mobile hardware and app industry. We are always looking for experts in the mobile app and mobile industry to contribute expertise. Before you jump into the world of guest posting on Leap Droid, make sure to read our simple and straightforward guidelines to ensure your post gets accepted. 

Please note there is a processing fee associated with guest processing that goes towards covering editorial and hosting fees.

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Featured Companies

If you have been featured in a leapdroid article we grant you full permission to use our logo to promote your products and services.

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Leap Droid Featured my Company

If you have been featured in a Leap Droid article, first of all, congratulations. Our analysts do their best to select the best companies.

How to Capitalise on a Mention?

There are a few things you can do to get maximum exposure.

  • Share the article across your socials. This will make it more likely to appear higher in google and drive medium/long term sales to your website.
  • Write a short blog post showing your readers that you have been selected as a market leading company.  Here is an example post that another company wrote after being featured on another one of our websites: https://theaccountancycloud.com/resources/blogs/weve-been-showcased-as-one-of-the-top-business-intelligence-companies-startups-in-the-uk-by-welp-magazine.
    • Email us the blog post URL and we will share it across our network.
    • Backlinking to the article from your website makes it more likely to rank high on google for relevant keywords and drive traffic and ultimately leads to your company. 
  • Share with your customers that you were nominated as a top company by sharing your blog post across your social media or in your newsletter. 


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