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8 Important Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Call Center Phone System

Choosing the best business call center software is a serious decision since it significantly impacts the level of customer care you can provide. When setting up a contact center, you’ll have to decide on a wide range of software options, including cloud contact center solutions, hosted solutions, and premises-based solutions to accommodate various organizational sizes.

You must consider many variables before selecting the contact center software that will work best for your business. It might be laborious to sort through the possibilities and choose the best solution for your needs because the market is flooded with customer contact system software suppliers of many types, including on-premise, cloud, hosted, and browser-based technologies.

You will most likely hear a flood of sales pitches when multiple vendors compete to do business with you. There are quantifiable factors to consider, such as the volume of calls you anticipate handling, the size of your workforce, and your spending plan. Here are some important questions you need to ask before deciding on a call center system.

8 Important Questions to Ask Before Choosing Call Center Phone System

  • Is The Phone System User-Friendly?

When evaluating contact center software, user-friendliness should be at the top of your list of requirements. An easy-to-use interface provides quick access to standard commands or features. It should not overly sophisticated. Additionally, it should be well-organized, making finding various tools and options simple.

The demo procedure is the ideal way to evaluate how user-friendly contact center software is. The length of training is another factor in deciding how user-friendly software is. If it takes your agents longer than usual to get started with it, excellent customer service is less likely to be provided by your agents.

  • How Reliable Is The Solution?

You cannot afford for your contact center service to be unavailable, even for a brief period of time. Do your service provider’s promises of availability, dependability, security, and uptime fall short? Are your call center representatives dealing with an excessive number of client complaints about the call center’s accessibility and dropped calls? Have you witnessed your share of unexpected crashes? It is time to switch your operations to a new solution if your software does not meet your SLAs.

  • Is Your Call Center Management System Scalable?

Is it taking a long time to get the team up and running when you bring on new agents? This is a critical evaluation criterion since you must ensure that your technology does not prevent growth when your organization needs it.

By ensuring that any subsequent initiatives are scalable to the call center infrastructure, platform, and products already in place, your customer service solution should be able to support that growth.

  • Does The Phone System Have Multi-Channel Functionality?

Invest early on and without hesitation in multi-channel support to maintain a competitive advantage. Even if you initially only utilize phone calls, you should see if your provider enables multimedia interactions in case you decide to give your customers access to such channels.

Does the system you’re buying support email, SMS, live chats, and social media in addition to telephone-based inquiries? Your software should be able to manage various types of media using the same routing engine as customers nowadays want enterprises to be reachable through various channels.

  • Does The Solution Support CRM Interrogation?

If your company has been utilizing payment gateways or customer relationship management (CRM) software, switching to a provider that can integrate your current apps makes the most sense.

If your call center technology is not integrated with the CRM your agents are using, a substantial amount of time will be spent entering duplicate data into various systems. To improve agent productivity and provide accurate client information, call center system softwares should be two-way synchronized with external tools and apps.

  • Is Real-Time Reporting And Analytics Available In The Solution?

Do your managers and supervisors have the ability to use the reports produced by your call center system software to make data-driven decisions? When managers can access historical and real-time data to make informed decisions, KPIs benefit.

The reporting dashboard is the most crucial tool in the toolbox for managers. It’s time to switch to a different call center system if yours cannot produce reports that are both simple to understand and actionable.

  • What Is The Pricing Structure?

Your company should pay close attention to a software provider’s pricing structure in order to avoid unwanted surprises. What is the cost of their services? For instance, is it a pay-as-you-go option with no up-front costs, or do you pay for each service regardless of the need? Do these payments include support, or are they separate fees as well?

For example, a pay-as-you-use structure provides a full service with tech support and an assigned project manager. A price structure like this makes the most sense for most businesses because they wouldn’t be required to pay additional fees for support and services they don’t use. Before choosing contact center software, it is important to inquire about the cost structure.

  • How Is The Post Sale Training And Support?

Understanding how much time will be needed to train your agents is crucial. Paying for training separately could be costly, especially if the system is difficult to use and familiarizing your team with it takes time.

The support program offered by the provider should be known to you. But are they always on hand to assist with any problems? You should inquire about whether there will be additional fees after the initial one if you need more training. Which pricing model would be used, by the hour or day?

Look for a cloud-based contact center supplier such as Vonage that offers your company 24/7 service and requires less time to train your agents.


If you are unfamiliar with technological advancement and don’t know the correct questions to ask, selecting the contact center software that is perfect for your company can occasionally be difficult. Therefore, by carefully assessing call center software suppliers, you can avoid being forced to use a service that is not a good fit for your company.

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