Bucharest’s Leapdroid Pioneers Innovation in Romania’s Web Hosting Industry

Recognized as one of the premier tech hubs of Europe, Bucharest, Bucuresti, Romania is home to a remarkable variety of companies in the Web Hosting industry. Gaining a reputation for high-quality output and innovation, these companies cater to an impressive array of clients from around the globe. This following listing of some of the top web-hosting firms in Bucharest provides an interesting insight into their operations:


Appnor MSP

Founded by Dragos Manac, Appnor MSP is a leading provider of managed hosting services. Specializing in diverse IT services such as hardware, operating systems, firewalls and back-ups, Appnor offers Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS Cloud), Google enterprise services, managed colocation, Voice-over-IP (VoIP), disaster recovery, change management, and full management services. Their comprehensive service ensures the seamless handling of issues related to flooding, disaster recovery, and scalability in backup processes. Based in Bucharest, Appnor serves mid-market companies, tech-reliant small companies, and large enterprises requiring disaster recovery and Google enterprise services.
Follow them on their social media channels; Twitter: @appnor, Facebook: @appnor


Established in 2002 by Bogdan Carstoiu and Elena Carstoiu, 4PSA is a prime cloud computing service provider that enables better communication among clients. Operating in the cloud, 4PSA provides real-time communication and collaboration services. The firm is also responsible for the creation of technology that allows service providers to offer cloud services. These services include automation, enterprise PBX, voice, video, instant messaging, and mobility. 4PSA is based in Bucharest, Bucuresti.
Links to their social media presence; Twitter: @4psa, Facebook: 4psacom, LinkedIn: 4PSA

Gazduire Web

An important player in the domain registrar, internet, and web hosting sector is Gazduire Web. The company is recognized for its expansive reach and professional delivery in the industry and is based in Bucharest, Bucuresti.
Please see their social media pages; Twitter: @gazduirero, Facebook: Gazduire Web, LinkedIn: Gazduire Web

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