Cheltenham’s Leapdroid: A Pioneering Force in UK’s Software Industry Landscape

There is a thriving IT industry, particularly in the Software development field, based in the heart of the English county of Gloucestershire. Based mainly in and around the beautiful regency spa town of Cheltenham, a number of innovative and cutting-edge companies have made this their home. Cheltenham has become somewhat of a tech hub, with Economist ranking it as the place to start a tech business in the UK. This article will introduce some of these exciting companies.

There are too many companies to list them all here, but we have compiled information on a selection of companies that cover a range of sectors within the software industry. These companies include those specialising in Data Intelligence, Robotic Services, E-commerce, Digital Transformation Services, Business Communication, Human Resources, Customer Services, Safety-Critical Systems, Cyber Security, Mobile Messaging, and Quality Assurance.

All these companies have a strong global presence, have made innovative strides in their respective fields and have contributed significantly towards making Cheltenham a competitive technological destination. Here’s a look at some of these incredible companies.


Ripjar is a data intelligence platform company whose mission is to provide corporates and institutions with advanced data and analytics solutions. Their software products combine automation, artificial intelligence, and data visualization to solve complex risk and security management problems at scale. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.


Enate is a workflow orchestration SaaS solution that harnesses AI capabilities to help businesses run smoothly and efficiently. You can connect with Enate on Linkedin.


Anatwine is a unique software as a service company that combines state of the art software with unique ecommerce skills. They are on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

Lateral Technology

Lateral Technology specialize in digital transformation and business automation software, providing solutions for businesses of all sizes to work smarter. Follow Lateral Technology on Twitter and Linkedin.


Crugo is an out of the box, communication platform that increases a business’s productivity by managing communications and organising teams more efficiently. Find them on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

Team Wheel

Team Wheel is a next-generation AI and Machine Learning enhanced HR Information System. It provides simple, easy to access information and utilizes advanced AI for deep business insights. Follow them on Twitter and Linkedin.


Comapi provides a platform for businesses to talk to their customers on their preferred channels including SMS, Emails and Social Media. Find Comapi on Linkedin.


Atego is a software company focused on helping organizations engineer mission and safety-critical systems and software. Follow Atego on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

Red Maple Technologies

Red Maple Technologies, founded by engineers from the UK Intelligence and Defence communities, helps organisations of all sizes protect themselves from cyber security threats. Follow them on Twitter and Linkedin.

Dynmark International

Dynmark International is a supplier of mobile messaging and mobile data applications services. They are on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.


Digivante specialise in Quality Assurance and IT consulting, offering comprehensive evaluation of websites and apps to ensure they are user-friendly and functional across all major devices, operating systems, and browsers. Follow Digivante on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

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