Cleveland’s Leapdroid: Pioneering Innovation in Web Development Software Industry

Welcome to Leapdroid’s in-depth look at Cleveland, Ohio-based web development companies. These game-changers weave complex codes into innovative webs, crafting digital solutions that marry creativity with technology. Each of these companies has a unique persona, a distinctive approach, and a wide range of services in web development and beyond. From digital marketing to software, their brilliance is unfortunately oft-overlooked. Here is a comprehensive tableau of their journeys, struggles, and hopes, making them an integral part of the Ohio tech ecosystem.

These companies are not just the unsung heroes of the web development industry but also the future trailblazers in an era where digital technology is the backbone of our lives. Their expertise spans various sectors, making them well-rounded players in the industry. So, whether you seek information about enterprise software, graphic design, broadcasting, or consulting, these companies cater to a wide range of needs.

They operate in a competitive business landscape, intricately weaving the threads of creativity, commerce, and technology to fabricate digital dreams. Their impact cannot be overstated; they are the architects designing the digital skyline of Cleveland, Ohio. Their innovative web solutions act as springboards for local businesses to step onto the global stage. This article will deep dive into the lives, work, and societal impact of these local web development companies.


As an influential player in the information technology, software, and web development industries, Bloomfilter is a reliable go-to for software planning applications. The company has been striving to illuminate the path to software project success via their platform to assist software executives and leaders. Follow them on @Bloomfilter1 and join their LinkedIn network here.


Founded by Jason Therrien, thunder::tech is a remarkable name in the digital marketing, graphic design, information technology, and web development world. Stay updated with them on @thundertech, connect on Facebook, or join their network on LinkedIn.

Jeruelle Productions

Jeruelle Productions, founded by James Greene, operates in fields of broadcasting, digital media, legal, publishing, and web development. It counts Black Enterprise, Google, and Good Barber among its competitors. Follow them on @jeruelle, connect on Facebook, or join their network on LinkedIn.


In the consulting, information technology, software, and web development field, DeveloCo creates scalable workplace solutions that improve agility, the business process, and customer and employee experience. Follow their updates on Facebook or become a part of their professional network on LinkedIn.

Stream 9

As a forerunner in app development, software development, web design, and web development Stream 9 is known for its customised solutions. Get connected with them via @stream_9 on Twitter, their Facebook page, or LinkedIn.


WAKOZ, operating in the fields of advertising, digital marketing, graphic design, information technology, internet, SEO, social media, web design, and web development, has been making waves in the industry. Stay connected on @wakozcreative, Facebook, or join their network on LinkedIn.

Lighthouse Solutions Group

Lighthouse Solutions Group has been a leading player in consulting, information technology, and web development sectors. You can catch up with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Shift Refresh

In digital marketing, SEO, web design, and web development fields, Shift Refresh maintains a strong focus on brand-building through digital marketing. Stay updated through their Facebook page and the LinkedIn profile.

Jennasis & Associates

Jennasis & Associates offers comprehensive advertising services inclusive of branding, content development, creative design, marketing strategy, public relations, SEO, social media management, video marketing, website care support, website hosting and website development services. Follow them on @JennasisAssoc, connect on Facebook and join their professional network on LinkedIn.

Gabster Media

Founded by Jason Murphy, Gabster Media is at the forefront of the advertising, content creators, digital marketing, SEO, social media and web development industry. Stay updated on Facebook and connect on LinkedIn.

Zwinggi Creative

As a major player in the brand marketing, creative agency, marketing, photography, web design and web development sectors, Zwinggi Creative has been crafting unique brand stories. Connect on Facebook and join their professional network through LinkedIn.

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