Denver’s Leapdroid: Innovating User Experience with Web Design Solutions

The rich landscape of the web design industry in Denver, Colorado, United States, houses a diverse range of companies that are impacting the sector with their unique offerings. From a developer’s toolkit for creators offered by Spore, to the local digital marketing expertise provided by Location3 Media, these companies are operating at the intersection of technology and creativity to elevate user experiences on the web. They cater to diverse industries, have a shared focus on innovation, and boast unique approaches towards web design and digital marketing.

It can be quite overwhelming to navigate through the multitude of these companies offering different services. Therefore, in this article, we aim to simplify this task by highlighting the profiles and offerings of some stand-out companies. To provide a holistic view, we will encompass the company’s description, the industry it operates in, founders, and links to their websites and various social media platforms.

From Big Data design to crafting digital experiences for B2B businesses, these companies encapsulate an impressive range of proficiency and specialization in their field. Here’s a closer look at them:


Co-founded by Austin Hallock, Spore develops a platform for creators that transform their web experience into a dynamic range of tools. It gives creators more control over their audience and brand beyond the platforms where they post. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Greystone Technology

Founded by Jesse Armstrong and Peter Melby, Greystone Technology has redesigned the way technology services are provided by starting with queries, then listening. Their aim is to build solutions that solve actual problems rather than offering unneeded services. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Crunch Data

Founded by Eliot C. Arnold and Ichan Stall, Crunch Data deploy solutions that help customers draw more value from their information assets. The company offers various data-related services across different industries. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


Eprompt generates hundreds of new positive reviews, enabling interaction and attraction of new customers for your business. They believe in turning happy customers into the best referral source. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Location3 Media

Co-founded by Andrew Beckman, Location3 Media is a digital marketing agency that delivers enterprise-level strategy with local market activation. It provides digital strategy and campaign execution for brands of all sizes. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


Digital agency NEWMEDIA specializes in website design, web development, UX and branding, and digital marketing. They create world-class products and have helped hundreds of companies achieve significant growth. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


Co-founded by Brad Anderson, Fruition is an internet marketing firm that helps companies get online, stay online, and uses the internet as a competitive advantage. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Elevated Third

Founded by Jeff Calderone, Elevated Third brings open-source to B2B companies by leveraging Drupal to empower B2B marketing ecosystems with strategic thinking and top-notch user experience design. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


LWD or Legal Web Design offers services around SEO, Social Media, Web Design, and Web Hosting. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Facebook.


RMI.NET is a national commerce solutions provider focusing on e-business for small to medium-sized businesses. Their specialty lies in e-business applications, web solutions, including design, hosting, marketing, and high-speed access.

Infinity Marketing Group

Infinity Marketing Group, founded by J.C. Granger, generates new revenue for B2B tech companies through lead-generating digital marketing campaigns. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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