Exploring Leapdroid: A Parisian Pioneer in Digital Media Software

Exploring Leapdroid: A Parisian Pioneer in Digital Media Software

Paris, a city known for its historic beauty, gourmet cuisine, and fashion—is also earning a reputation as a digital media hotbed. Part of the Ile-de-France region, the city is home to a growing number of innovative companies in the Digital Media industry. These companies are not only reshaping the way we consume content, but are also redefining work culture, advertising, and even traditional sectors like real estate. Here are ten of those trailblazing companies that are making waves internationally from their Paris headquarters.

Welcome to the Jungle

Founded by Bertrand Uzeel and Jeremy Cledat, Welcome to the Jungle is a unique multi-channel media company that aims to inspire individuals to thrive in their professional lives. The company offers high-quality content like articles, videos, podcasts, and event coverage-helping young professionals rethink their relationship with work. Detailed company profiles, statistics, and job search facilities make their content-rich website a valuable resource for prospective job seekers.LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.


Pitchyweaves magic with videos. Founded by Benjamin Chouraqui and Lionel Chouraqui, Pitchy is a SaaS technology platform that lets users create videos by choosing templates and scenarios, before uploading their text, images, and videos. The platform caters to small businesses and individuals alike, allowing them to pay for individual videos or choose a monthly subscription. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.


Co-founded by Igal Cabalo, Bien’ici is the home-truth of real estate research. Their unique 3D mapping technology gives users a complete view of not only the housing but also of nearby neighborhood life, transportation, shops, and schools. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.


Braineet, founded by Jonathan Livescault and Pierre Gourlaouen is an innovation hub that manages the whole lifecycle of an idea. It uses insights and ideas from employees, customers, and partners to improve processes and make better products. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.


Founded by Arnaud le Blanc, Didier Forest, Edouard de la Jonquiere, and Matthieu Vaxelaire, Mention is a leading tool for brand monitoring, social listening, and reputation management for enterprises. Considering the broad and chaotic digital landscape, Mention creates structured, organized, and prioritized information from the web and social networks. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter., founded by Baptiste Brunin, Nicolas De Busschère, Pierre Figeat, is a TV analytics platform aiding TV & radio advertisers to measure and optimise the online impact of offline investments. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.


Founded by Jean Mizrahi in 2007, Ymagis helps theatres transition to digital with a suite of smart, cost-effective solutions. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.


Quality backed by a close-knit community of entrepreneurs, executives, academics, artists, and advisors is what Daphni, a venture capital firm, brings to the table. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.


Alban Peltier, Jérôme Scola, and Rodolphe Mirilovic co-founded AntVoice, a company that uses artificial intelligence for personalized UX creation. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.


Kannelle, co-founded by Carole Danancher and Kevin Bijoux, is a video solution that allows employees to make cool and brand-compliant videos in less than 15 minutes, directly from a smartphone. Where provided, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.


Youssef Rahoui’s Madmagz is an online software allows users to create custom digital or print magazines with their team. LinkedIn, Twitter.

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