Exploring Leapdroid: Fremont’s Premier Entity in Web Development Software

Welcome to the premier for our series of Software and Apps magazine articles that delve into the landscape of technology pioneers in the Web Development industry. This Particle is dedicated to companies based in Fremont, California, United States. These esteemed establishments, despite harbouring diverse expertise in different tech sectors, all plough resources into web development, thereby bolstering the internet in its role as the linchpin for various industries and economies around the world. Below, we delve into the details of our first set of companies, exploring their operations, services, founders and more.

Elsner Technologies

Elsner Technologies is a renowned name in the web and digital marketing space. This Fremont-based agency is founded by Harshal Shah and offers a range of innovative, practical, and responsive web and IT solutions. Elsner is a hub for exceptional web development, mobile app development, and digital marketing services, serving a global client base across the USA, UK, and Australia. With an expert team of certified Google, Magento, and ISO developers on board, Elsner promises round-the-clock customized technical solutions. Social Media Links: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter.


Next is Softjourn, Inc., a giant in the field of technology services, co-founded by Emmy Gengler and Jeffrey M. Kreuser. From its headquarters in Silicon Valley, Softjourn has R&D centers in Ukraine and Poland. Having spent nearly two decades crafting custom solutions for the Fintech, Cards & Payments, Media & Entertainment industries, the team’s expertise is beyond dispute. Softjourn’s 185+ employees are committed to finding ingenious solutions to clients’ most rigorous challenges. Social Media Links: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter.


Caspex serves within various tech domains, from Cloud Data Services to Web Development. This Fremont-based company provides unique value in terms of service quality and delivery methodology. Although no information is available concerning the company’s founders, Caspex’s delivery of high-standard IT solutions is widely recognized. Social Media Link: Linkedin.

PlanetMagpie IT Consulting

PlanetMagpie IT Consulting, founded by Robert Douglas, offers technical services to Microsoft-centric businesses across the United States. From network security to VoIP, servers, and bandwidth, PlanetMagpie services the entire Microsoft-centric network environment. Their experienced IT consultants are Microsoft-certified specialists, making them a go-to company for businesses requiring Microsoft expertise. They operate in four divisions – IT Consulting, IT Support, Digital Marketing, and Cloud Services. Social Media Link: Linkedin.


Hilton, headquarters in Fremont, offers outstanding solutions in Digital Marketing, e-commerce, Information Technology, and web development. This global company imparts digital solutions designed to optimize business operations and enhance customer interaction. Social Media Links: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter.


Oztera, was found by Minou Barabi, aims to automate the processes that drive successful businesses. Specializing in solutions built on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform, they address the unique challenges faced by various industries including wine, agriculture, and manufacturing. Their dedicated team is located in their offices in Fremont, Napa, Hawaii, and Arizona. Social Media Links: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter.


ISKPRO is a prominent name in the IT solutions space. This company goes to great lengths to deliver next-generation IT solutions to SMEs and large-scale enterprises. By combining their expertise and advanced software technologies, ISKPRO provides a transformational edge to businesses. Social Media Links: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter.

Cherish Technologies

Cherish Technologies, based in Fremont, provides comprehensive solutions encompassing app development, consulting, training, and web development. Although information about its founders is not provided, the company is recognized for its high-quality services, assurance of quick turnaround times, and affordable pricing. Social Media Links: Facebook, Twitter.

Miri Infotech

Founded in 2003, Miri Infotech positions itself as an IT Service provider, agile tech-solution developer with big capabilities. Miri Infotech is dedicated to offering the best IT solutions to increase productivity & offer greater insights. Being a world-class IT outsourcing company, they work with companies of all sizes to create tech solutions that solve problems and make businesses stronger. Social Media Links: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter.

Embtel Solutions

Embtel Solutions, based in Fremont, is a dedicated Digital Marketing agency. Embtel Solutions is committed to helping businesses of all sizes with their digital marketing needs. Their varied services comprise Web Design/Development, E-Commerce Solutions, PPC Marketing, and Social Media Management. Social Media Links: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter.


Last but not least is Sellacious, a Fremont-based company that offers e-commerce, point of sale, and web development services. Although the founders’ information is not provided, the company is gearing up to leverage its expertise for a comprehensive array of e-commerce solutions. Social Media Links: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter.

With every company profile, we hope to bring to your knowledge the extent of diversity, innovation, and technical aptitude amongst firms located in Fremont, California. As we continue to explore more of these companies in the next installment, we hope you remain as intrigued and inspired as we are.

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