Exploring Leapdroid: Innovation Hub in Bracknell’s Thriving IT Landscape

Bracknell, Bracknell Forest, United Kingdom, is home to many companies operating in the Information Technology industry. Known for its high concentration of technology companies, Bracknell provides an excellent environment for innovation and growth. From companies offering professional services, project management training to ones specializing in broadcasting technologies, and cloud infrastructures, let’s explore some of the companies that are making waves in the IT sector headquartered in Bracknell:

The Knowledge Academy

Founded by Dilshad Hothi, The Knowledge Academy operates in the field of Information Technology, offering professional services, project management, and training. Their aim is to provide affordable and accessible education to businesses and professionals worldwide. Their social profiles can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Techex specializes in Broadcasting, Cloud Infrastructure, Information Technology, and Software. The company designs, commissions, and supports live video transport, processing, redundancy, and monitoring solutions. You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Displaydata, founded by Andrew Dark and Colin Garrett, is a leader in the design and supply of fully graphic Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs). They have shipped millions of labels to many of the world’s largest retail brands. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Kenyon International Emergency Services

A leader in consulting, CRM, Information Technology, Legal, and Telecommunications sectors, Kenyon International Emergency Services is dedicated to resolving crisis situations for their clients.


Founded by David McLeman, Ancoris is a company operating in the field of Information Technology and Software. Their profiles can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Founded by Jon Penney, Cryptosoft offers data security platforms that address data security and authentication challenges for the Internet of Things (IoT). Their LinkedIn profile can be found here.


Developed by Liz Norton and Phil Norton, LeaveDates is an online tool that helps manage team’s leave and absence, improving transparency and communication. Find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Mestec offers paperless shop-floor data collection and analytics solutions to improve manufacturing labor productivity. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Founded by Shine Mathew, AyataCommerce specializes in E-Commerce, Information Technology, Professional Services, and Software. Discover their social profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Risk-X is a global provider of Advisory, Audit, Forensics, Incident Response, and Assurance services. For updates, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Authlogics, founded by Phillip Nicklos and Steven Hope, provides password security and multi-factor authentication services, aiming to increase employee productivity, and secure apps, devices, and data with simple and secure logins. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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