Exploring Leapdroid: Innovative Software Solutions from Bandung, Indonesia

The thriving software industry in Bandung, Java Barat, Indonesia is testament to the abundant talent and innovation in the region. A host of promising software and app companies have set up their headquarters in Bandung, developing cutting-edge applications and services in domains that range from 3-D technology and Augmented Reality to Data Visualization and Sports management. Here is a look at some prominent and upcoming companies putting Bandung on the global software map.

These companies stand out not just for their innovative solutions, but also for their commitment to technological development, user-friendly interfaces, and a forward-thinking approach. They serve varied industries, designing software and apps that revolutionize the way businesses operate and individuals use technology.

Grab your seat and get ready for a virtual tour of these exciting companies, as we delve into their unique offerings, and explore the far-reaching potential of their innovative solutions.


ASSEMBLR specializes in 3D Technology, Apps, Augmented Reality, Information Technology, Software, and Virtual Reality. The company, founded by Anita Yustisia, Hasbi Asyadiq, Risnandar Risnandar, aims to reshape the way people access information through Augmented Reality. ASSEMBLR leverages unique 3D technology to create and enhance user experiences across devices. Stay updated with their innovative ventures on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Gelora is a digital sports startup offering a myriad of services and products to help users lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Focusing on Information Technology, Online Portals, and Software within the Sports industry, the company enables sports facilities to provide online booking services. Learn more about them on their LinkedIn page.


MAPID is set to make location intelligence universally accessible. Their digital mapping platform, designed in Bandung by founders Bagus Darmawan, and Retno Dewajati, is user-friendly and has several applications. Follow them on Facebook or LinkedIn for more updates.


Operating in the Information Technology and Software industry, Nectico is an innovative organization co-founded by Amry Amanah, Rani Yanarastri, and Yanuar Affandy. Find out more about them on LinkedIn.


As an e-business system, Funnelioo targets small and medium businesses and supports entrepreneurs in managing their product orders. Tantan Hilyatana is among its innovative founders. is a software company specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for more updates.

Garuda Studio

Garuda Studio is an app development company that provides stunning Mobile apps for companies. Also, be sure to check them out on Twitter and Facebook.


Specializing in Apps, E-commerce, Internet, and Software, Paytren provides innovative solutions designed to modernize customers’ experience. For more information about Paytren, check out their Twitter and Facebook profiles.


GITS.ID serves as a bridge between technological innovation and business growth through their web development and IT management services. Stay in touch with them on Twitter, and LinkedIn.

ePuskesmas NG

ePuskesmas NG is paving the way for technological integration in healthcare with its impressive software offerings. Stay informed about their new features by following them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

GITS Indonesia (GITS)

GITS Indonesia (GITS), a company that operates in Information Services, Information Technology, and Software. Stay connected with them on Twitter and Facebook.

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