Exploring Leapdroid: Innovative Tech Force in Cleveland’s IT Industry

Exploring Leapdroid: Innovative Tech Force in Cleveland’s IT Industry


In the heart of the midwest, Cleveland, Ohio has become a hub for innovation in the Information Technology industry. This bustling city, often overlooked in the tech scene, is home to numerous organizations with their roots deep in the digital realm. Here, we shine a light on some of the notable IT companies based in Cleveland making strides in various tech fields from cloud data services and telecommunications to healthcare IT and education software solutions.

These companies play a crucial role in both local and global markets, with their influence reaching far beyond the borders of this Ohio city. Together, they represent the diversity and innovation of Cleveland’s tech industry. Leveraging their diverse expertise, these companies deliver value to consumers, businesses, and lawmakers.

In this article, we’ll take look at the companies that are shaping the future of the technology landscape in and around Cleveland and give a brief overview of their business, founding details, and the services they provide.


Everstream is a Cleveland-based network service provider that specializes in fiber-based Ethernet, Internet, and data center solutions. With over 2,500 miles of fiber across 24 counties and comprehensive data center connectivity at 10 Gigabit speed, they provide some of the fastest, most reliable network services in the region. Everstream, founded in 2014, shows a steadfast commitment to customer service which sets them apart from their competitors.

Park Place Technologies

Park Place Technologies offers post-warranty maintenance and support solutions to organizations around the globe. Their innovative monitoring platform integrates global customer service and advanced engineering capabilities, providing instant and intelligent responses to maintenance needs. Co-founded by Dan Grajzl and John Warcaba, their services optimize digital infrastructures and improve overall system performance.


Axuall, established in 2018 by healthcare IT veterans Aaron Cornell, and Charlie Lougheed, is a workforce intelligence company. Their clinician data network connects health systems, staffing firms, and digital health groups to data, providing insight for network planning and analytics, thus reducing onboarding and enrollment time via digital credentials.

StreamLink Software

Founded in 2008 by Adam Roth, StreamLink Software develops grant management software for nonprofits and the public sector. Their solution, AmpliFund, is designed for managing every stage of the grant lifecycle and is at the forefront of automating grant compliance and data standardization in the public sector.

Accellis Technology Group

Established in 2001 by Joseph Marquette, Accellis Technology Group offers IT services, cyber security, application development, and software solutions. The company places a strong focus on delivering great customer service backed by bright and friendly technology resources.

LineStream Technologies

LineStream Technologies was created by Zhiqiang Gao in 2008. The company provides control technology and software solutions that enhance the performance of automated products and processes. Their software has applications across a range of industries, from consumer goods production to sophisticated manufacturing equipment.

Heureka Software

Founded by Ronald Copfer, Heureka Software provides organizations with tools to manage unstructured data. Their platform makes it easy to search across the enterprise, helping entities comply with eDiscovery requests, GDPR & privacy regulations, and to automate information governance policies.

Snip Internet

Snip Internet, created by Brett Lindsey, is driving innovations in the residential internet market. With symmetrical speeds up to 1GBps, Snip Internet offers the fastest and most reliable internet experience for apartment residents across several US cities.

ZIN Technologies

ZIN Technologies is a renowned name in the manufacture of ground and flight systems for aerospace applications. They offer various engineering and testing services for the aerospace, healthcare, electronics, and manufacturing industries.


Wisr is a software company that focuses on the education sector. Founded by John Knific, Kate Volzer, and Kristopher Ciccarello, Wisr assists educational institutions in enhancing their educational system through efficient software solutions.

Qwickly Inc

Qwickly Inc is an innovative user-centered productivity platform for learning management systems. Founded by John DiGennaro and Matt Hadgis, Qwickly connects students and teachers to often used tools while offering integrations with several cloud storage providers.

From data centers to healthcare IT and education software solutions, these companies exemplify the thriving tech industry that has been cemented in Cleveland, Ohio. Each offers unique services and carries a strong dedication to innovation and excellence which plays a significant part in the growing influence of Cleveland in the Information Technology industry.


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