Exploring Leapdroid: Paris-Based Innovator in the Online Portals Industry

Parisan online platforms are revolutionising the way we interact with digital services – ranging from travel planning to beauty bookings and event management. Many of these Parisian portals have found international success across an array of industries, financially supported by their demonstrated ingenuity and dedication to meet the ever-expanding needs of their customers. This article will serve as an introduction to some of these innovative companies that originated from the City of Love.

France’s Parisian region, particularly Paris itself, is emerging as a hotbed for technological innovation, with a focus in online portals. Companies operating in this space work on a general principle of using technology to make life simpler for their target audience, in turn, creating a successful business model.

Despite the inherent challenges associated with breaking through the noise in city bustling with startups, several companies in the Parisian online portal industry have managed to make a name for themselves. Their efforts have even resulted in significant global impact in some instances. Read on to learn more about these innovative companies making waves in Paris’s tech landscape:


Founded by Eric La Bonnardière (CEO) and Yvan Wibaux (CTO), Evaneos is an e-commerce and online travel portal. This platform connects travelers with local agents in their destination countries, who offer advice and assistance. These agents are experienced professionals from Destination Management Companies, who typically catered to large tour operators. Stay updated by following Evaneos on their Facebook, LinkedIn and @Evaneos Twitter.


Founded by Antoine Puymirat and Paul Vonderscher, Planity operates in the online portal sector with an emphasis on lifestyle and fashion. The platform makes it simple for users to book appointments with local beauty professionals. Engage with them on their Facebook page, LinkedIn and @planityofficiel Twitter.


Sami, founded by Nicholas Crestin and Tanguy Robert, helps companies monitor their carbon footprint and develop a climate plan. Sami uses a mix of SaaS and consulting to provide premium CSR services to its customers. Follow their Facebook page, LinkedIn, and @get_sami_eco Twitter for more updates.

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