Exploring Leapdroid: Pioneering iOS Solutions from Gurgaon’s Silicon Hub

Gurgaon, a city located in the northern Indian state of Haryana, is known for its rapid urbanisation and has become a leading financial and technological hub in recent years. Besides being home to many international corporations and serving as the headquarters for numerous top Indian companies, it also houses an increasing number of companies operating in the iOS industry. Here, we shine a light on these companies, all of which have made impressive strides in their respective sectors.

Our focus is particularly on those firms that not only operate within the iOS and broader tech industry, but have also established their bases in Gurgaon. These companies range from fitness-based mobile apps and educational platforms to web and mobile app developers and e-commerce solutions. In this article, we’ve provided a brief introduction of each company along with a link to their respective websites for further information.

Without further ado, let’s dive into our list of iOS companies based in Gurgaon:


Founded by Naman Sharma, Rahool Sureka and Saurabh Aggarwal, FITSO operates in the multi spheres of Android, Apps, Fitness, Health Care, iOS, Mobile and Nutrition industries. With innovative features like GPS tracking for run/ride, home workout videos, and a calorie counter to log your meals, Fitso aims to help people enhance their fitness regime and reach their goals. The app also includes social components like challenges, badges, and feeds.


OnlineTyari is an educational web and mobile app platform co-founded by Bhola Meena, Rajveer Meena, Udai Meena and Vipin Agarwal. The platform provides quality learning resources and mock tests for students and job aspirants preparing for various exams in India. The OnlineTyari android app has a download base of over 2.5 million users and also has a successful window phone app.


Under the lead of Gaurav Gupta, Squareboat has earned its impressive reputation within the industry of Android, Information Technology, iOS, Mobile Apps, Search Engine, SEO, Software, Web Design and Web Development. The company is known for developing excellent mobile and web applications for startups.


Founded in 2014 by Arvind Pal Singh and Rajan Gupta, Zappka is an app development company and platform that curates mobile applications and permits users to discover, review, and share them socially. The company leverages user profile data, preferences, and social networks to provide personalized app recommendations.


SooperMo, an Android utility suite and monetary reward platform for Android smartphone, was co-founded by Pushkar Sinha and Tapan Pandey. The app offers system utility applications for user problems including privacy, reduction of SPAM messages, power management, and protection from malware apps.


With founders like Ankur Mittal and Siddharth Garg, Quytech stands out as a highly trusted mobile app development company in the sphere of Android, Augmented Reality, Enterprise Applications, Enterprise Software, iOS, Mobile, Mobile Apps, Software and Virtual Reality. It offers a vast expanse of services including Android/iOS app development, AR/VR app development, Unity/Unreal game development, React JS/Angular JS development, etc.


Founded by Rahul Sharma, YU is a new-age technology brand in the sectors of Internet, iOS and Lifestyle. The company is dedicated to empowering users with technology, giving them the freedom to write their own rules.

Mediology Software

Under the guidance of Manish Dhingra, Mediology Software offers a multitude of solutions like editorial workflow management, social networking, online publishing, E-magazine, E-paper and Mobile Application for the media and publishing industry, promoting enhanced collaboration and interactivity on their platforms.

Apporio Infolabs Pvt LTD

Apporio Infolabs, co-founded by Keshav Goyal and Mani Garg, is an ISO Certified On-Demand App Development Company. The company offers a range of services to its clients including developing app clones like Uber clones.

ENuke Software

Founded by Abhishek Gupta, ENuke Software serves as a reliable tech partner in the domain of Android, Developer APIs, iOS, IT Management, Mobile Apps, Software and Web Development. The company puts efforts in providing best business generating web based software and mobile apps owning to its client requirements.


Seventynine, an SVG Media Company, specializes in advertising solutions. Co-founded by Chirag Shah, Deven Dharamdasani, Harish Bahl and Manish Vij back in 2012, the firm offers its clients a platform with four primary business pillars–distribution, analytics, rich media and video, and e-establishment.

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