Exploring Leapdroid: Pioneering iOS Solutions in Amsterdam’s Tech Landscape

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, also referred to as the city of freedom and tolerance, has become a major player in the world of technology startups, with an array of successful companies specializing in iOS applications. The city is spiraling into a notable tech-hub, balancing its historical charms with the innovative dynamism of a modern metropolis. The following companies stand paramount in the realm of iOS technology, gaining a reputation for their inventiveness and groundbreaking ideas. Here are the stories of ten such companies, hailing from the beautiful city.


Founded by Tyler Reynolds, Vylo has made a name in the tech world as a social news platform that promises insightful engagement on events and topics that matter. Vylo combines various aspects of technology like Apps, iOS, Mobile, Mobile Apps, Social, and Media and Entertainment and serves as a hub for news addicts. You can get to know them better on their LinkedIn page.


In the era of digital currency, TabTrader stands out as the mobile crypto trading terminal. Founders Denis Suslov, Kirill Suslov, and Yaroslav Madarakh have created a platform that caters to users with an interest in Android, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, iOS, Mobile, and Trading platforms. You can find more about them on their social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


PartyWith, founded by Dan Fennessy, began as a travel app connecting travelers with locals but has expanded to connect anyone anywhere who loves to party. It’s a blend of Apps, Events, iOS, Local, Mobile, Social Media, and Travel. You can keep up to date with them through their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Triposo is founded by Douwe Osinga, Jon Tirsen, Richard Osinga, and Vincent Osinga. A company creating interactive travel guides for mobile devices, it offers options such as Android, iOS, and Mobile. Stay connected with Triposo through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


spont offers an iPad cashier system built in Google Cloud with Firebase, Google Functions, and Swift. The founders, Flip van den Bosch, Pim Vismans, and Sjoerd van den Bosch have used their expertise in Information Technology, iOS, Mobile, Robotics, and Software to realize their idea. You can connect with spont via their Facebook page.


Aernoud Dekker and Milan van den Bovenkamp founded SellanApp to serve as a stage where App Ideas meet developers and their future users. The company revolves around the fields of Apps, Crowdfunding, iOS, and Mobile. You may follow them on Twitter.


LayerGloss, started by Phuong Do, is a digital publishing company helping users create and publish beautiful mobile content. You can follow their journey on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Flat Tire

The founders of Flat Tire, Alexandru Andrei, Alexandru Claru, and Horia Alexandriu, have tackled the dilemma of bike breakdowns in Amsterdam with their innovative mobile service. Follow the happenings at Flat Tire through their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages.


Founded by Marc van Agteren, Paul Veugen, and Roel Jansen Usabilla is renowned for improving user experience and boosting customer satisfaction for major brands like HP, Vodafone, and Philips. Connect with them on their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


Founded by Allan Bennetto, Duc Ngo, and Ilan Oosting, JMango360 is the one-stop-shop to maximize mobile results with its best-in-class app creation and marketing support. You can stay updated with them through their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn platforms.


Finally, operating in the fields of Android, Events, iOS, Location Based Services, Mobile, and Software is M2Mobi. Offering wide-ranging mobile solutions from strategy to maintenance, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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