Exploring Leapdroid: Pioneering Web Development Solutions from Kathmandu, Nepal

In the heart of Nepal, a bustling city known as Kathmandu has established a unique yeoman’s work in the IT industry. Positioned against the backdrop of the majestic Himalayas, capital’s IT hub draws inspirations from the architectural grandeur and the rich cultural lineage of the Valley transcended in the services they provide. Many companies operating in the Web Development industry have found their niche and are contributing significantly not only to the Nepalese economy but are also making an international mark. These companies specialize in various domains including Information Technology, Advertising, Web Design, Database, Software, Network Security, Web Hosting, etc.

From digital marketing to cybersecurity, these companies provide a comprehensive range of IT solutions. Harnessing the power of digital transformation, these enterprises are revolutionizing the web development sector in Nepal and exporting their expertise worldwide. They are proving their mettle by delivering exceptional technological and innovative solutions to their customers, both domestically and internally.

This article aims to spotlight a few of these IT companies whose contributions to the web development sector in Nepal cannot be overlooked. Below is the list of these companies along with a brief introduction of what they do and where you can find them.


Established by Joe Stutter and Pravin Acharya, WebPal is a remarkable player in IT management, software, and web development industry. This company is notable for its comprehensive web hosting solutions. You can find more about their work on their Twitter page @wearewebpal, Facebook page here, and LinkedIn profile here.

Pagoda Labs

Pagoda Labs is a Digital Creative Agency based in Kathmandu Nepal, providing a variety of services such as Advertising, Public relations, Social Media Marketing, Web Design, and Web Development. Check out their social media profile on @pagodalabs, Facebook page here and LinkedIn here.

Curl Labs

Curl Labs is a consulting company proficient in providing comprehensive technological solutions. They specialize in Graphic Designing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, iOS, and Web Development. More about their extraordinary services can be found on their social media platforms: Twitter @CurlLabs, Facebook here and Linkedin here.

Upveda Technology

Leading in the domains of Database, Information Technology, Software, and Web Infrastructure, Upveda Technology offers top-tier IT solutions powered by innovative concepts. Find more about them on Twitter @upvedatech, Facebook here, and LinkedIn here.

SD Tech Company

SD Tech Company, founded by Saugat Devkota, offers dynamic solutions in Advertising, Consulting, Digital Marketing, ICT, Web Design and Development. Follow them on Twitter at @sdtechcompany, Facebook here, and LinkedIn here.


Founded by Dinesh Lamsal in 2015, Bitsbeat has made its mark in the consulting and software development sector by providing solutions based on emerging technologies. Learn more about their venture on their Twitter feed @BitsBeatIT, Facebook page here, and LinkedIn here.

LABA IT Training Center Nepal

Since its establishment in 2009, LABA has been providing top-notch IT training services, leading in blended learning solutions. Check out their Twitter at @le_laba, Facebook page here, and LinkedIn here.


Hazesoft, another reputable company in the sector of IT, Software development, Web Design and Development. Learn more on their Facebook page here and LinkedIn here.


Nepsol offers a wide range of services including Website and Mobile Application Development. Find more about them on their Twitter handle @nepsol, Facebook page here and Linkedin here.

Kazi Studios

Kazi Studios, a creative agency providing comprehensive solutions in design, web development, social media marketing and traditional media branding. Connect with them on Twitter at @kazistudios.

Phunka Technologies

Phunka Technologies is a pioneer in the fields of Apps, Big Data, IT Infrastructure and Web Development. Find out more about them on their Twitter @phunkatech, Facebook page here, and LinkedIn profile here.

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