Exploring Leapdroid: Software Innovator’s Impact from Würzburg, Bayern, Germany

Exploring Leapdroid: Software Innovator’s Impact from Würzburg, Bayern, Germany

The bustling city of Würzburg, located in Bayern, Germany, is not just known for its architectural beauty and rich history, but also for being a cradle for technology and innovation. With a growing number of software companies choosing Würzburg as their headquarters, the city has become a significant contributor to the global software industry. This article will shine a light on these companies that are making waves in augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and more.

Each company has its own unique approach and contribution to the software industry. From creating low-code platforms for the digitization of business processes to developing AI-driven solutions that improve supply chain efficiency, they are all leading the way in their respective domains. The aim of this article is to provide information about these companies and their operations.

Our focus will mainly entail a brief description of their foundational and operational details. This encompasses their founders, location, industry, a short bio, and relevant linked information about them. We’ll also be highlighting some of the companies’ social media presence to provide a broader context of their digital footprint.


Simplifier is an augmented reality, enterprise software company founded by Christian Kleinschroth and Reza Etemadian. It aims at efficient digitalization through its low-code platform. The Würzburg-based company does this by simplifying the creation of device and OS agnostic integrated business and IoT applications. You can connect with Simplifier on @simplifier_io, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Scoutbee is a company whose mission is to connect the right purchasers with the right suppliers anywhere in the world through its AI-driven supplier discovery suite. Founded by Christian Heinrich, Fabian Heinrich, Gregor Stuhler, and Lee Galbraith, scoutbee is located in Würzburg and operates in the artificial intelligence, big data, and software industry. They have been recognized as one of Gartner’s 2020 “cool vendors” in sourcing and procurement for supply chains. Scoutbee can be found on social media via @scoutbeecompany, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Cineamo is an online application developer on a mission to help cinema operators increase the occupancy rate of their film houses. Founded by Kersten Neubert, Philip Käfer, and Stefan Farnschläder, they offer ticketing services and give discounts at cinemas. Check them out on Facebook and LinkedIn.


vAUDiENCE, founded by Toni Wagner, aims to engage virtual audiences and enhance their streaming experience. They have a view-to-open conversion rate of 26% through their Twitch extension. vAUDiENCE is on @vAudience_ and LinkedIn.


SnapADDY offers software that aids in sales work by automating processes to avoid manual data entry. The software, founded by Jochen Seelig, crawls data from a given company’s website. Connect with them on @snapaddy and Facebook.

SALT Solutions

SALT Solutions operates in the software, industrial, and information technology industry. More about the company can be found on social media through @salt_solutions?lang=en, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


E2N, founded by Simon Mohr, offers a software solution for employee management. Based in Würzburg, they specialize in personnel organization, time recording, duty scheduling, and controlling. Follow them on social media via @e2ngastro, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


BOTfriends is an artificial intelligence company that specializes in the development and design of conversational AI applications. The company was founded by Daniel Rösch, Kevin Dees, Michelle Skodowski, and Tobias Gansler. BOTfriends can be reached online via @botfriendsai?lang=de, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Inosys operates in the accounting, human resources, and software industry. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Soarce specializes in consulting, database, software, and training. Check them out on @SoarceUG and Facebook.

Anevis Solutions

Anevis Solutions provides IT solutions for financial reporting. Their core competency lies in providing individualized reports for more than 100 banks, fund providers, investment managers, and other financial service providers. Visit them on linkedin.

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