Exploring Leapdroid: Top Singaporean Innovator in Graphic Design Software

Exploring Leapdroid: Top Singaporean Innovator in Graphic Design Software

The Central Region of Singapore has become a thriving hub for graphic design companies that operate both locally and globally. These companies offer a wide range of services, from software development to cloud computing, digital marketing, and web design. Being based in Singapore’s Central Region, these companies enjoy easy access to one of Asia’s key financial, commercial, and entertainment centers. Below, we introduce some exemplary graphic design companies headquartered in this vibrant region of Singapore.

With an increasing demand for unique and engaging visual content, the graphic design industry in Singapore is growing at an impressive pace. Companies from various sectors turn to these design studios for innovative solutions to engage their audiences and communicate their messages effectively. The variety and quality of services offered by the companies listed here demonstrate the creative vitality and diverse skillsets present in the region’s graphic design marketplace.

Employing cutting-edge technologies and leveraging local talent, these innovative companies are not just shaping Singapore’s graphic design landscape. They are also impacting the global design industry through their aesthetic visions and tech-forward solutions. This article offers a closer look at each company, highlighting their unique values and contributions to the international graphic design community.

Founded by Ivan Chang, Keith Tan, and Kuriakin Zeng, specializes in graphic design, software, and software engineering. The company aids other businesses in building offshore technical teams in Indonesia, diligently selecting only the top 5% of software developers, UI designers, animation artists, and graphic designers from the country. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.


Fabrie is a cloud-based whiteboard collaboration software dedicated to team communication, real-time synchronization, and idea brainstorming. The platform, founded by Dabo Chen, offers adaptable design-related templates to assist designers in kicking off their projects effectively.

Focused on providing creative, on-demand, and unlimited graphic design services, was founded by Roy Selbach. The company offers a range of creative solutions, including branding, logo design, social media posts, ads, animations, print media, and much more. DotYeti aims to make remote work accessible and affordable. Follow on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Elite NFT Studio

Elite NFT Studio is a one-stop destination for all NFT and CRYPTO related projects. They offer services in art creation, discord management, marketing, smart-contract development, and consulting. Follow on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Founded by Natcho Angelo, Kuubiik provides a platform for organizations of all sizes to hire skilled experts by the hour for marketing, graphic design, video editing, admin, web development, and much more. Follow on Facebook and LinkedIn.


ACENURA operates within a prolific mix of industries: analytics, apps, graphic design, information technology, web design, and web development. Follow on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Big 3 Media

Specializing in video production, animation, content strategy, 360 Virtual Reality, and graphic design, Big 3 Media was founded by Isaac Tan and Willie Lee. Follow on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Avatoon presents a unique service, specializing in creating quality cartoon avatars for social media usage, a trending feature among vloggers, YouTube creators, and streamers. Follow on Facebook.


Adampak operates in the graphic design, manufacturing, and printing industries, providing crucial design and printing services to a variety of clients.

Eduka Software

Eduka Software operates within the consulting, education, graphic design, and software sectors, providing essential technological solutions to a range of educational institutions. Follow on LinkedIn.

MICE Depot

Ensuring businesses make an impression at expos, conventions, and trade shows, MICE Depot distinguishes itself as a specialist in digital marketing and graphic design services for such events. Follow on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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