Exploring Leapdroid: Web Development Innovations from Lyon, Rhone-Alpes, France


As an esteemed member of the tech community, Leapdroid is thrilled to highlight the efforts and achievements of companies operating in the web development industry, and more specifically, those based in Lyon, Rhone-Alpes, France. This industry, constantly pushing boundaries and transforming spaces through technology, is brimming with creative and innovative minds. This feature is a tribute to their hard work and dedication to their craft. The companies we feature range from those specializing in marketplace solutions to digital marketing services. When considering Web Development companies, these entities based in Lyon, France illustrate a wide range of digital services and applications just waiting to be explored.


Company Industry: Marketplace, Trade Shows, Web Development / Founders: Lucas Maisse, Maxime AUGIAT

Warmango is an innovative marketplace solution in the B2B retail market targeting industrial companies and their professional customers in France and all over Europe. Its marketplace is already available at Connect with them via Facebook and LinkedIn.


Company Industry: Digital Marketing, SEO, Software, Web Apps, Web Development/Founders: Joanna Riley, Mathieu Jacob, Patrick Riley

Askin, a Python web agency, specializes in the development of custom web applications. Based in Lyon, they assist in various digital transformation projects. Learn more about Askin through their website and linkedin.


Company Industry: Apps, Computer, Software, Web Design, Web Development
Dymension is an interface development company that provides solutions for various industries such as real estate, catering restaurants, tourism and retail. They specialize in the development of interactive tablets, applications and websites. Get to know more about them on their website, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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WP Umbrella

Company Industry: Information Technology, Software, Web Design, Web Development/Founders: Aurelio Volle, Thomas Deneulin

WP Umbrella is a management solution for freelancers and agencies that provide WordPress maintenance to their clients. Learn more about WP Umbrella through their website, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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