Exploring Leapdroid’s Impact on Cloud Computing in Dubai’s Tech Scene

Exploring Leapdroid’s Impact on Cloud Computing in Dubai’s Tech Scene

As the world becomes further digitized and dependent on technology, the more prominent cloud computing becomes. Cloud computing is the delivery of on-demand computing services — from applications to storage and processing power — typically on a pay-as-you-go basis over the internet. It revolutionized the traditional way businesses think about IT resources. Dubai, a city that has been hailed as the Middle East’s tech hub, harnesses this technological innovation through its numerous cloud computing companies.

Despite the challenging times, the pandemic provided many opportunities for IT companies in Dubai to demonstrate their significance and play a substantial part in securing the future technological landscape. These businesses varied from offering cloud-based customer communication solutions, to health care, to security solutions and so much more.

In this article, we will delve into some of Dubai’s leading companies operating in the Cloud Computing industry. We’ll explore their journeys, the services they offer, and their profound impact on the industry.


Unifonic is a leading cloud computing provider specializing in customer communication and engagement solutions. Founded by Ahmed and Hassan Hamdan in 2006, Unifonic provides affordable enterprise-grade multilingual, seamless omnichannel communications platform throughout the Middle East. You can find them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


MediSponsor, founded by Rahul Pawar, specializes in providing an XAAS-based innovative yet integrated healthcare cloud Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution. Visit MediSponsor’s Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts for more information.

Quantl AI

In the FinTech field, there’s Quantl AI. This company, founded by Shamaz Khan, is recognized as MENA’s first systematic trading platform leveraging machine learning for cryptocurrencies and futures derivatives. Quantl Pro is a cloud-hosted platform where users can build, backtest, and deploy algo-driven strategies in real-time. Their cloud infrastructure comes with built-in ML4T (Machine Learning for Trading) API and extensive datasets.


Eric Ouisse and Renaud de Gonfreville co-founded ZIWO, a cloud-based business telephony and contact center designed primarily for Emerging Markets. Their platform is API based, cloud-agnostic, and houses numerous integrations. Connect with them through their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.

Delphi Consulting

Aside from these, there’s Delphi Consulting] founded by Ankit Bhutani. Delphi Consulting specializes in analytics and consulting in the Cloud Computing and Information Technology industry. Check their Twitter and LinkedIn accounts for more details.


The brainchild of Giles Wright and Marwan Saab, Opaala, is another cloud computing Company based in Dubai. Operating in the Information Technology, Online Portals, and Trading Platform sectors. Learn more about them via their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.


Sometimes referred to as the Godaddy of the Middle East, AEserver, founded by Munir Badr, offers services ranging from domain name registration, web hosting, cloud hosting, to business emails, website builders, premium domain brokerage, and more. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

eHosting DataFort

eHosting DataFort, another Dubai-based cloud computing company, is known for its presence in the Information Technology industry. Visit their Facebook page for additional information.

Fujisoft Technology

Established by Albert Raj and Nikhil Sharma, Fujisoft Technology is a prominent Information Technology service provider in Dubai since 2002. The company is known for focusing on infrastructure, security solutions, and communication and collaboration. They are expanding their product and solution portfolio with SharePoint, enterprise mobility, big data, and BI to their software and consulting division. More details about them can be found on their Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

Burhani™ Managed Services

Burhani Managed Services, with Mohammed Yusuf as one of the founders, is revered as a Global IT Consulting, Cloud & Managed Services Provider. Specializing in delivering High Performance & Exponential Growth to its clients through Integrated, Reliable, Responsive, and Cost-Effective Business Technology Solutions. Check out their Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.


Lastly, move2clouds is a cloud-based online accounting application. Appropriate for small and medium businesses, their software is easily accessible and straightforward to use. Also, it offers an innovative solution for businesses looking for online accounting services that accessible 24×7 anywhere anytime. Visit their Twitter and LinkedIn accounts for more insights.

These are just some of the many growing cloud computing companies based in Dubai. They all have carved niches in their respective fields, and they share a common goal of utilizing cloud computing technology to solve industry-related problems and serve their clients better. As the world shifts more into a digital realm, it is without a doubt that we will see more advancements and innovations in this industry.

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