Exploring Leapdroid’s Impact on Knoxville’s Growing Information Technology Scene

Deep in the heart of America’s Appalachian region, in Knoxville, Tennessee, a vibrant Information Technology industry has been steadily growing. Its entrepreneurial spirit and innovative culture have nurtured an ecosystem of forward-thinking companies that are leading the way in fields as varied as Artificial Intelligence, Health Care, Machine Learning, and much more. Let’s take a closer look at some of these industry-leading companies:

For full disclosure, note that the companies mentioned in this article operate in a rapidly evolving industry and the information provided is subject to change. We encourage readers to visit each company’s website for the most recent and complete information.

Keep in mind that this is not a ranking, and the companies are presented in no particular order. Each one stands out for its own unique reasons, adding value and diversity to this vital tech hub in the Volunteer State.


Founded by Mike West, Lirio is an AI platform that focuses on behavior change. It unites artificial intelligence with behavioral science to motivate people towards better health and positive behaviors. Lirio’s behavioral programs apply advanced machine learning and are scientifically researched and designed. The company began in 2017 and has its headquarters in Knoxville. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


SmartRIA offers software that simplifies compliance for the financial services industry, making regulatory tasks easier to manage and understand. Founded by McClain Bartine and Roger Kiger, the company has developed the most comprehensive compliance software platform for the Registered Investment Advisor industry since its inception in 2016. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Vendor Registry

Co-founded by Brian Strong and Chris Van Beke, Vendor Registry aims to simplify business with local governments and institutions by automating repetitive paperwork and helping to generate new revenue opportunities. Their solution decreases costs for government and institutional purchasing departments. They are active on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Brian Nelson, NewsBreak innovates in the realm of programmatic merchandising with a platform that utilizes sales data and predictive analytics. Their solution optimizes the promotion of products to maximize sales. Check them out on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Frank Sette founded HOAWorks, which provides home association management software featuring video conferencing, group messaging, billing systems, and more for HOA board members and homeowners to increase their convenience.

Risk Management Solutions

Established in 1996, Risk Management Solutions is a software and consulting company that specializes in fair lending compliance solutions for banks and government agencies. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

GRIDSMART Technologies

Created by Bill Malkes and Vig Sherrill, GRIDSMART Technologies offers innovative solutions for traffic and energy management. Their products and services focus on improving transportation logistics and infrastructure management. You can join their community on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Hager Environmental & Atmospheric Technologies

Founded by Stewart Hager, Hager Environmental & Atmospheric Technologies is a company revolutionizing the vehicle emissions testing industry with EDAR, a patented hardware and software system capable of detecting and measuring exhaust emissions from moving vehicles. Follow them on Twitter.


Ken Evans founded Konexial, which provides TPaaS to carriers, that integrates ELD, Fleet Management, AI Video, and TMS in one platform. This improves profitability by increasing loaded miles and reducing fuel costs. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Qardian Labs

Founded by Sofia Tomov, Qardian Labs offers AI-based software solutions specialized in making fast and accurate cardiac risk assessments.

Sword & Shield Enterprise Security

Founded by John McNeely, Sword & Shield Enterprise Security is a cybersecurity firm offering managed security, risk and compliance, enterprise security consulting, and training. They have been securing businesses for over 20 years. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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