Exploring New York’s Information Technology Scene: Spotlight on Leapdroid Software

Exploring New York’s Information Technology Scene: Spotlight on Leapdroid Software

This article is part of a series highlighting influential companies in the information technology industry, and more specifically, those headquartered in New York, New York. Whether new on the scene or entrenched leaders, the enterprises covered here have made a significant impact in their respective sectors, from cloud infrastructure and analytics to biometrics and customer service tech. Here, we aim to provide a brief bio and backstory for each, as well as impertinent insights into their products and services.

Over the years, New York has emerged as a vibrant hub for tech startups and established multinational corporations alike. Innovators drawn to the city’s dynamic and diverse ecosystem are developing cutting-edge solutions to some of today’s most pressing problems.

While it’s impossible to cover every company making waves in the industry, this piece presents a cross-section of New York-based companies driving the IT ecosystem’s evolution. The domains these companies operate in span from telecommunications and SaaS to health and financial services.


Chronosphere is a New York-based organization specializing in analytics, cloud infrastructure, information technology, productivity tools, and SaaS. Founded by Martin Mao, and Rob Skillington, Chronosphere provides an observability platform that aids cloud-native engineering organizations in dealing with the data volumes, costs, and complexity that comes with rapid scale. With over $255M investment, Chronosphere has created a major tech hub in New York, alongside another in Vilnius.


Elementus pioneered a unique analytics platform that brings transparency to blockchain technology. Founded by Max Galka, Mike Kalomeni, and Nuria Gutierrez Prunera, Elementus allows clients to identify security vulnerabilities, explore marketing insights through digital assets, and reveal bad blockchain actors, thereby enhancing trust and transparency across the crypto marketplace.


Levels, founded by Andrew Conner, Casey Means, David Flinner, and Josh Clemente, introduced a revolutionary health and wellness platform that monitors metabolic health. Its platform provides real-time tracking of blood glucose, enabling users to optimize their diet and exercise routines.


A titan in communication infrastructure, information technology, mobile, and telecommunication services, Verizon Communications delivers broadband and other wireline and wireless communication innovations. The company operates America’s largest wireless network serving nearly 102 million customers nationwide.


Broadridge Financial Solutions offers investor communications and technology-driven solutions for wealth management, asset management, and capital markets firms. Broadridge helps manage risk, promote growth, and deliver substantial business value. Their unique vantage point makes them a significant player in the financial services landscape.

Hume AI

Established in 2021, Hume AI, by founder Alan Cowen, provides tools for expressive communication. Through their platform, Hume AI ensures that technology is guided by human expressions, empathy, and well-being through experimentally derived datasets, models, and APIs.


Glia is revolutionizing digital customer service. Founded by Carlos Paniagua, Daniel Michaeli, and Justin DiPietro, Glia’s Digital Customer Service solution leverages digital means of communication, on-screen collaboration, and AI-enabled assistance to deliver impeccable customer service.


smartrr was founded by Gabriella Tegen and Roger Beaman, specializing in information technology. Smartrr’s activities are still under wraps, but the founders hint at a promising future.


Sisense was founded with the intent to go beyond traditional business intelligence. Founders Adi Azaria, Aviad Harell, Elad Israeli, and Eldad Farkash, have created a cloud platform that infuses business intelligence everywhere, be it customer-facing applications or employee-facing workflows. Their customizable, AI-driven analytics solutions have turned them into industry leaders.


Prove, created by Mike Brody and Rodger Desai, provides phone-centric solutions to authenticate consumer identities. Their services have found applications across industries, including banks, financial services, healthcare, and e-commerce.


Roll offers social token infrastructure for the creator economy. Created by Bradley Miles and Sid Kalla, Roll provides APIs and infrastructure that let digital communities integrate with financial systems and social platforms independently of the platforms they currently use.

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