Exploring Newport Beach’s Leapdroid: A Trailblazer in Web Design Innovation

In the pulsating heart of the Golden State, Newport Beach, California is known for more than just its pristine beaches and excellent surfing; it’s a thriving hub for tech companies, particularly those operating within the web design industry. These innovative businesses vary in size, scope, and services, but collectively they shape the online spaces we traverse daily, laying the groundwork for the digital world’s connection and communication. This article highlights a select few of such companies, showcasing their cutting-edge work in web design, cloud computing, software development, and digital marketing.

From established organizations to emerging startups, Newport Beach is home to companies waving the banner for diverse technological advancements. These players conduct operations on a broad scale, serving customers across various sectors from accounting and real estate to fashion and retail. With their inventive solutions and skilled expertise, these companies continue to rise in prominence, pushing the envelope in their respective industries.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking web design services, a job seeker, a tech enthusiast, or simply curious about the movers and shakers in your local business scene, this list will provide you with a glimpse into Newport Beach’s vibrant web design industry. Each profile features a bite-sized bio and links to the company’s website and social media platforms, offering a comprehensive overview of their operations and culture.


Founded by the duo Lee Reams II and Lee Reams Sr., ClientWhys eases the load of accounting and tax professionals through automatic solutions which aim to focus more on their clients than their marketing campaigns. Their offerings range from responsive websites, email marketing, reputation management, secure portals, to marketing content. Stay updated on their operations through their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.


Advanced technological solutions are the heart of Saritasa. Founded by Nik Froehlich, this company drives business objectives through web, software, and electronic products. Connect with them via their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts.


Known for their venture in web design, Advertising, Digital Marketing, SEO, and Social Media Management, WhiskerCloud is a force to be reckoned with in the industry. The company was initiated by Adam Greenbaum. Stay updated through their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts.

Lugano Diamonds

Blending fashion, retail, and web design in an elegant cocktail, Lugano Diamonds sparkles within the industry. Follow their updates via their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Golden Communications

Golden Communications transforms the internet, marketing, software, web design, and development fields. Keep up with their latest through their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts.

HOI Solutions

Building custom solutions for staff and customers is the primary goal for HOI Solutions. Follow their recent activities via their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.


Creating impactful digital marketing strategies is the specialty of Evinex. Stay informed on their recent works through their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts.

1EZ Creative Orange County Web Design

Being a professional, award-winning web design and SEO marketing company since 1998, 1EZ Creative Orange County Web Design has made its mark within the industry. Find their updates on their Facebook and Twitter


DRA does wonders in the fields of Advertising, Graphic Design, and Web Design. Stay updated with them through their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts.


Specialising in Cloud Computing, Web Design, and Web Hosting, Webtrix is a standout company in the industry.

Rogue Creative Development

With their work in web design, graphic design, photography, and social media, Rogue Creative Development takes creativity to a whole new level. Stay in their loop through their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter feeds.

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