How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping Restaurants

How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping Restaurants

Artificial intelligence (AI) impacts many commercial spaces, and the restaurant industry is no exception. The use of AI in restaurants is one of the hottest food service trends of 2023. You can incorporate AI into your business scheme in many ways to stay on top of cutting-edge developments. Read on to learn how artificial intelligence shapes restaurants.

AI Phone Answering

Missed phone calls are the bane of any business because that means a missed inquiry or sale. Whether a customer has a question about something on your menu or wants to ask if you serve breakfast after noon, you have to be there to answer the call. AI allows you to do that by answering the phone in your absence. Special systems can take messages, add guests to a waitlist, make reservations, or answer commonly asked questions.

Voice Ordering

Did you know that many people prefer to use voice search when looking for restaurants in their area? Voice assistants have greatly increased in popularity; Siri, Google Home, and Alexa are all there to help your customers find your restaurant.

Voice ordering is often implemented in self-service kiosks and drive-thrus at fast-food establishments, allowing guests to place orders without touching anything or interacting with employees. This technology is incredibly important, as we’re on the tail end of a global pandemic.

Self-Serve Options

Self-serve options and voice ordering are great examples of how artificial intelligence shapes restaurants. They go hand-in-hand with self-serve options. Diners are often given the power to customize and control their experiences through this advanced technology. You can customize your restaurant’s food options through kiosks and even let your customers split their checks or pay from their tables. If you want to stay ahead of the technological curve, you should certainly adopt one, if not all, of these AI systems.

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