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How To Follow The NFL On The Move

How To Follow The NFL On The Move

Thursday, September 8 is the day American football fans are all waiting for. That’s because it’s the day the NFL regular season gets under way, and the kick-off game will feature the defending Super Bowl champions, the Los Angeles Rams, against the Buffalo Bills. The action will take place in the Sofi Stadium, in California.

Although Super Bowl Sunday is a day many US citizens will make sure they have free to enjoy the biggest event in the US sporting calendar, not everyone can sit down in front of their TV set to catch the action. Thankfully, the wonders of technology mean you can still follow the event while you’re on the move. Below is a guide to doing this.

Catching the game in a bar

If you happen to be on the move but would rather soak up a Super Bowl Sunday atmosphere somewhere than follow the game from your hotel room, you could catch the game in a bar or watch-party venue.

Out in Kansas, the Kansas City Power and Light District is the place to head for a good time, and its Kansas City Live! area is well known for its watch parties. There you can follow the action on a big outdoor screen with around 10,000 other football fans.

At Pier 17, in New York, you can enjoy a cosy option with up to seven other people in the heated winter cabins of the venue. While you watch the game, staff will bring you loaded steak fries, buffalo wings, pitchers of cocktails, buckets of beer and more from the kick-off up until the end of the game.

NFL Game Pass

If you want to watch the NFL on a mobile device, then NFL Game Pass is an option on both the Android and iOS operating systems. The Game Pass offers three different packages, so you’re likely to find something that suits you. It’s possible to catch games live and on demand.

If you like to kick back and watch a game on Sunday afternoons, you can access the Red Zone, which features the Sunday afternoon games and is part of the cheaper Essential package. The package also provides access to the NFL Network, which offers a variety of programs and other content relating to the NFL.

If, however, you like to follow the NFL in more depth, you might choose the Pro package. As well as benefiting from the Red Zone and the NFL Network services, you’ll be able to see all the preseason games live and the 274 games of the NFL season live. If you’re a fan of NFL betting, this is a useful option and gives you the chance to build up some major knowledge and help you to decide whether you agree with the NFL lines when betting.

Subscribe to cable TV

The NFL apps are one way to follow the NFL on the go; subscribing to cable TV is another. This enables you to stream live NFL live games to your phone via the NBC Sports app, the Fox Sports Go app and the Watch ESPN app. All of these apps are available on iOS and Android. You just need to download the app from the App Store or Google Play and log in with the credentials from your cable service provider.

Keeping up with NFL results

Just because you’re out and about, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to keep up with the results of games. Again, tech comes to the rescue so you’re never behind on what’s going on in the NFL. Here are some apps that can help you stay up to date with the action:

The NFL App

If you don’t like downloading multiple apps to follow the NFL, this app is the one for you. As well as providing up-to-the-minute news on scores, the app offers lots of breaking news and stories from the NFL, draft coverage and more. The app requires a subscription, but if you’re a major NFL fan, you may find this worthwhile.

Sports Alerts – NFL Edition

This app is handy if you just want updates on live scores, news and stats for teams quickly. It makes a point of this with the alerts. If you’re a major NFL fan, however, this may not be the app for you because it doesn’t cover all things football.

The Score

If you want to customize your updates, you might appreciate this app more. The app delivers updates each hour, however, so you may wish to change the settings and request more frequent updates (or fewer) from it.

You don’t have to miss the NFL when you’re on the move. You can catch the action at a bar or, if you don’t feel like leaving your hotel room, on your mobile device via an app. Technology allows you to stay on top.

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