How To Tell if 5G Coverage Is Available in Your Area

How To Tell if 5G Coverage Is Available in Your Area

5G coverage is a new cellular network that gives cellphone users higher data speeds and lower latency. Because it’s above the capabilities of 4G LTE, many customers of numerous cellphone providers are looking to switch to this new and improved network. However, you need to be able to tell if 5G coverage is available in your area since it hasn’t reached every location yet. Use the tips below to search for coverage in your city before determining which carrier to sign a contract with.

Understand 5G Coverage First

Before you begin searching your area for cellphone coverage, you need to know some things about 5G coverage first. While it’s the up-and-coming cellular network, it might not be available in your location. As the months pass, coverage areas are expanding. But it’s still wise to look into whether it’s present in your city before deciding on upgrading your phone or switching carriers.

Cellular Coverage Maps

Individuals living in the United States can look at cellular coverage maps to get a bigger picture of where 5G coverage is available. These maps show the service areas for radiocommunication transmitting stations. In simpler terms, they show where on the map these stations can reach relative to your location. You can break these maps down by cellphone carrier because not every provider will have 5G coverage available to all its customers.

Provider or Carrier Maps

While the overall coverage maps have individual carriers available to look through, it’s still best to use the provider coverage map on their website. Coverage can change from time to time, and 5G is still expanding. So looking directly at the carrier’s website will give you an accurate depiction of what coverage is available. This can also provide information on which providers offer this coverage, so you can determine which one you want to use. Some carriers might even have the option to type in your specific address to see if the 5G network is available.

What Happens if 5G Is Available?

When you find that 5G coverage is available in your area, it’s important to note that you cannot take advantage of this network if your smartphone is incompatible. Many older devices don’t support 5G, so you need to upgrade your model to receive the benefits of the high-speed network.

5G coverage is highly sought after because it’s changing how we interact and use our technology. However, it’s in your best interest to check for this network in your location before purchasing a new phone. You never want to invest in a new carrier only to find out their coverage is subpar. Remember to look at the coverage maps, and consider calling your local store for your chosen provider to receive more information on the 5G coverage they may have available.

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