How To Use Your Smartphone To Build Healthy Habits

How To Use Your Smartphone To Build Healthy Habits

In this day of technology, it’s easy to conclude that most of us are addicted to our phones. What you don’t know is that the technology we use daily doesn’t have to be counterproductive. In fact, you can use your smartphone to build healthy habits and increase your productivity throughout the day—you just need to learn the best ways to go about it!

Set Reminders and Use the Calendar

With every smartphone comes a pre-downloaded calendar and reminders app. Our day-to-day lives can become extremely busy, and things can go haywire quickly if we don’t keep track of our tasks or appointments. Having a calendar readily available in your back pocket is helpful when you might forget about specific events or to-do items.

Improve Productivity With More Apps

There are countless phone apps that improve your productivity—some you have to pay for, but some are also entirely free! Your options for these apps are endless. You can download anything from habit trackers to note-taking to productivity timers. Any app that makes your life easier is worth downloading and exploring.

Track Your Sleep Cycles

Is not getting enough sleep one of your worst habits? Using your smartphone to build healthy habits around your sleep schedule can help you feel more refreshed in the morning and ready to tackle your day. Understanding the patterns in which you sleep and tracking the quality can help you pinpoint what you might be doing wrong in your bedtime or morning routine. These apps can track the hours you sleep, how much REM sleep you get, how many times you woke up, etc.

Use Focus Mode or Do Not Disturb

If you’re not using focus mode or do not disturb during the busiest times of your day, you could be creating unhealthy habits. These modes on your phone can help keep you less distracted by your device throughout your work day or when you need to do chores around the house. Depending on what device you have, you might also be able to limit what apps you use during this time so that you can focus on the task at hand without any distractions.

Remember, how you use your devices and technology can impact your productivity. If you consciously use your smartphone to your advantage, you’ll see successful results. Technology doesn’t have to be distracting and counterproductive all the time. How else can you use your phone to create healthy habits?

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