Leapdroid: A Pioneering Software Powerhouse Based in Manchester’s Tech Scene

Leapdroid: A Pioneering Software Powerhouse Based in Manchester’s Tech Scene

The global Information Technology industry thrives on constant innovation and the United Kingdom city of Manchester has developed a strong reputation as a tech innovation hub. Located in the heart of this vibrant city, a melting pot of IT companies continues to push the envelope in various niches of this ever-evolving industry. In this article, we delve into the profiles of some of these companies leading the charge in Manchester’s bustling IT sector, touching on their unique services and the contributions they bring to the industry.

These companies, many of them startups, are working on cutting-edge technologies in diverse areas like cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, etc. They possess a genuinely global perspective while maintaining strong community ties within Manchester. Their diversity and unique approaches to the challenges of the IT world print a distinctive mark on Manchester’s growing stature as a global IT center.

As part of our series on IT companies in Manchester, we showcase a range of companies, from digital innovators disrupting traditional models to technological educators nurturing future experts. Let’s meet them…

Connex One

Founded by Nicholas Mealey, Connex One operates within the spheres of cloud computing and information services, leveraging advanced data analytics to enhance customer engagement. Their omni-channel engagement platform offers deeper insights about customers, equipping businesses to effectively connect with them.

Sorted Group

Launched by David Grimes in 2010, the Sorted Group is a global SaaS enterprise that leverages data-driven software for checkouts, shipping, warehousing and more. The company aims to enhance the carrier management and delivery tracking experiences of its users, thus setting a new standard in the retail technology space.


Netacea, established by Andy Still and Jeremy Gidlow, applies an intelligent approach to bot management by combining Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. It offers rapid, accurate and transparent solutions to protect websites, mobile apps and APIs from automated threats while sensing genuine users.


Northcoders, founded by Chris Hill, aims to transform careers through education. This coding school offers a comprehensive JavaScript coding bootcamp that empowers participants with the skills needed to become full-stack software developers.

THG Ingenuity

The technology division of British e-commerce startup THG, THG Ingenuity, is a key piece of the Manchester IT puzzle. Their game-changing e-commerce and IT solutions continue to foster digital growth and development on a global scale.


CultureAI, founded by James Moore, extends beyond security awareness training to measure and elevate human cyber risks and behaviours. The company uses a blend of technical and educational interventions to enact real changes in their clients’ security environments.


Co-founded by Andy Still and Jeremy Gidlow, Intechnica helps businesses to achieve rapid growth by providing cost-effective digital transformation and innovation solutions. They focus on improving website performance, reducing hosting costs and maximising sales revenues.


GoodBox, co-founded by Francesca Hodgson, marries fundraising and technology in a unique way, providing innovative solutions that drive efficiencies for charities and non-profit sectors.


Started by Gail and Lawrence Jones, UKFast stands tall as the largest privately-owned hosting provider in the UK. Their commitment to speed and service delivery has set the pace for the web hosting arena in the country.


With the collective effort of founders Adam Dickinson, Andy Etches, and Gareth Thatcher, Rezzil is shaping the world of athletic development. Through its platform, the company aids in the development of elite footballers globally, supporting resilience in athletes through cutting-edge technology.


At the helm of CAPSLOCK are Dr. Andrea Cullen, Jonathan Slater, and Lorna Armitage. This innovative cyber security startup reshapes adults into cybersecurity professionals sans any up-front costs. Their online bootcamp is revolutionizing the world of continued education on a pay-it-forward model.

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