Leapdroid: A Vancouver-Based Powerhouse in the App Development Sector

Leapdroid: A Vancouver-Based Powerhouse in the App Development Sector

Believe it or not, Vancouver, British Columbia is one of the top cities with a thriving app industry. As part of a tech ecosystem that is increasingly gaining recognition on the global stage, it is home to a number of high-performing tech companies, many of which specialize in mobile and software applications. In this article, we explore some of the exciting companies based in Vancouver, providing insight into their operations, their offerings, and the people behind them.

The city’s app and software industry is rich and diverse, with companies representing numerous industries, from logistics and tourism to financial services and digital marketing. Here, the tech scene is strongly characterized by its innovative spirit and the high quality of its tech talent. The companies we will be discussing offer ideal examples of this kind of industry-leading innovation.

Vancouver’s location on the Pacific Rim also makes it an important gateway to Asian markets, not to mention its proximity to the tech powerhouse that is Silicon Valley. So without further delay, let’s dive into some of the most innovative companies in Vancouver’s thriving app industry.


Founded by Devlin Fenton and Nigel Bester, Go99 operates in the logistics field, providing essential services in mobile apps, shipping, supply chain management, transaction processing, and transportation. [Further company description to be added.] For more information, take a look at their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Co-founded by Connor J. Wilson and Vaishnavi Sriram, Pilot operates in travel and leisure, offering various consumer applications and software. Their mission is “to help you have an awesome time and make memories”. Connect with Pilot on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Manage Petro

Manage Petro specialises in intelligent systems, mobile apps, and software solutions. [Further company description to be added.] You can interact with them on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Sixzero Design

Since 2018, Sixzero Design, has been creating beautifully intuitive interfaces, leveraging insights from user behaviour for companies eager to better serve their customers. You can find more details on their LinkedIn page and Twitter account.


Founded by Craig Hauptman, Relentless is a digital marketing company that offers a wide range of services, including website and mobile app development, creative design, and more. Discover more about Relentless on their LinkedIn page.


SNAPSONIC excels in the field of real-time applications and services for enterprise customers. Stay updated with them through their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn page.


[Shortcut here.] Greg Harrison and Michal Suchanek founded MailSlayer, an application that aimed to solve inbox overload. Despite having to shut down, MailSlayer’s mission remains noteworthy.

GOCITY Mobile Inc.

Founded by Niall Conway, GOCITY Mobile Inc. specializes in consumer research, enterprise software, mobile apps, and more. More about them can be found on their LinkedIn page.


Founded by Dario Meli, David Tedman, and Ryan Holmes, Hootsuite provides an integrated dashboard for managing social media programs. Trusted by over 15 million users, it is based in Vancouver. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

LayerZero Labs

LayerZero Labs, founded by Bryan Pellegrino, Caleb Banister, and Ryan Zarick, operates in the apps, blockchain, and cryptocurrency industry. Its main task is to unite decentralized applications across disparate blockchains. Find them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Goose Insurance Services

Founded by Dejan Mirkovic, Goose Insurance Services simplifies the process of purchasing insurance, offering simple, inexpensive, and relevant insurance products via their mobile-first self-service platforms. Connect with them on their LinkedIn page.

These Vancouver-based firms are changing the game in their respective industries, pushing boundaries, and creating products that are not only innovative but also highly beneficial for their users. As we continue to follow their journeys, it’s clear that the future of apps in Vancouver is bright.

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