Leapdroid: Bordeaux’s Trailblazing Force in the Global IT Arena

Leapdroid: Bordeaux’s Trailblazing Force in the Global IT Arena


The IT industry is a dynamic and rapidly evolving space, driven by innovation and the challenges of navigating a digital world. Bordeaux, Aquitaine, France is a city that's not only known for its wine but also as a tech hub. This southwestern French city is not just rich in history, but also houses a number of significant IT companies making tremendous progress and advancements in the digital arena. This article explores some notable companies headquartered in Bordeaux,operating in the dynamic landscape of tech, software, and apps.

These companies, despite their varied sizes and industry focuses, prove that passion, innovation and the drive to improve their users’ lives are integral elements in the world of IT. From enhancing healthcare experiences through software, to advancing artificial intelligence for personal assistance, and to creating pivotal connections between investors and real estate projects, these organizations uphold Bordeaux's reputation as a burgeoning IT hub not just in France but globally.

In this article, we take a closer look at these firms. Their profiles include a quick overview of their industry focus, founders, descriptions, and their social links. With such diversity in their specialties and fields of expertise, it's apparent that Bordeaux has become an IT powerhouse providing solutions to a variety of sectors. The overall landscape of Bordeaux's IT scene evidences the continuous progression towards a future where IT and software are fundamental elements of life and business.

Symphony On Line

Founded in 1984, Symphony On Line focuses on developing healthcare industry software designed to boost administrative and information management processes within hospitals and other medical establishments. With their base in Artigues-près-bordeaux, the company sets out to make the healthcare system more effective and efficient through their technological advancements. You can follow Symphony On Line on their socials: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Shinken Solutions

Specialized in computer information technology and software, Shinken Solutions is making strides in the IT industry. Headquartered in Artigues-pres-Bordeaux, they showcase innovation and robust solutions. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay current with their latest news and updates.

Atawa Interactive

Atawa Interactive, based in Artigues-pres-Bordeaux, integrates the worlds of advertising and information technology to provide exceptional user experiences. Stay updated with their latest activities and offerings on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Focused on information services and technology, CEBIG is another noteworthy tech company headquartered in Artigues-pres-Bordeaux. Learn more about their services and developments via social channels on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Lucine is in the business of transforming and improving patient health, particularly in the area of pain management. The founders, Amine Marouf, Aymeric Esperance, and Maryne Cotty-Eslous, aim to provide a solution customized to each patient's needs. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Founded by Cédric Dumas, Wiidii merges the power of artificial intelligence and personalized assistance. Located in Bordeaux, this company provides a unique AI solution through their technological prowess and dedication to improving life. Stay connected with Wiidii on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

LegalVision, a software (SaaS) web-based portal, allows lawyers and business owners to manage their legal documents and processes. This helpful platform is the brainchild of founders Gonçalo Alves and Loïc Le Goas. Bind with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Another pioneering tech company in Bordeaux is V8TE. Specializing in information technology and software development, they stay at the forefront of digital advancements and innovations. Find out more about their products and services on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Koregraf, co-founded by Cédric Marche, Philippe Senechal, and Vincent Sillegue, aims to connect investors directly with real estate projects. Stay updated with Koregraf through their Twitter and LinkedIn channels.


Octopia offers a global solution for marketplace operators and sellers, expanding trading possibilities with strong business and logistical expertise. Follow Octopia on LinkedIn for more information.

Founded by Antoine Trihoreau, Aymeric Preveral-Etcheverry, and Peter von Campe, helps industries immensely with operational efficiency through artificial intelligence. Connect with on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay abreast with their innovative AI solutions.

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