Leapdroid: El Segundo’s Unmissable Mark in Software Development Industry

El Segundo, California, United States, is home to a thriving IT industry and hosts a number of companies offering leading-edge technology solutions across various sectors. This article is part of our series highlighting key companies operating in the Information Technology industry that are headquartered in El Segundo. The companies range from cloud services and cybersecurity to software development, satellite communication and AI technologies.

While most of these companies are start-ups, there are also well-established players who have been in the industry for years and have made a significant impact with their innovative solutions. Despite the diversity in their operations, the companies share a common vision to utilize technology to improve business processes, streamline operations, and create value for clients.

These companies are not only impacting the IT industry but also spurring economic development and job creation in the region. Here is a comprehensive snapshot of notable companies headquartered in El Segundo, California that are setting new standards in the IT industry.


Saviynt is a leading name in the realm of cloud data services and cybersecurity. Founded by Atul Vij and Sachin Nayyar, the company offers intelligent identity and access governance solutions. It allows enterprises to secure applications, data, and infrastructure in a single dimension, making it versatile and highly advantageous. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

ABL Space Systems

ABL Space Systems was founded by former SpaceX engineering leaders, including Daniel Piemont and Harry O’Hanley. This company focuses on developing low-cost launch vehicles for the small satellite industry, becoming an integral player in the aerospace and satellite communication sectors.


Joel Milne founded RepairSmith with the vision of transforming automobile repair services. The company offers hassle-free car repair solutions, all at an upfront price, placing it at the forefront of home services and IT in the automotive industry. Connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.

Endpoint Closing

Endpoint Closing is a digital Title and Escrow company, revolutionizing real estate transactions. Its innovative platform streamlines the closing process, making it simple, fast, and transparent. You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.


Founded by Dustin Cavanaugh, Loop is an electric vehicle (EV) charging station provider that imparts convenience to EV owners. Its services range from site plan design and engineering to installation and maintenance. Get updates on Twitter and Facebook.

Mission Cloud Services

Katherine Przygode and Simon Anderson founded Mission Cloud Services, a company that helps businesses migrate, manage, and optimize workloads on the Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook for updates.


Regina Abayev and Tejs Broberg founded FinDox, a company that develops document, compliance, and workflow management products for the financial services industry.


Serverfarm has been in the Data Center Management sector for over 24 years. The company’s commitment to driving a new era of sustainable data center management and modernization brings a unique sensibility to the IT industry.


Aggregage, founded by Karrer Tony, Michael Skerly, Robert Flynn, and Tony Karrer, uses technology to auto-curate content from blogs, white papers, and social networks, creating a collection of business media assets. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Prosum Technology Services

Ravi Chatwani founded Prosum Technology Services. A significant player in IT consulting and solutions in Los Angeles, Denver, Phoenix, and other areas. Follow them on Facebook.


NEOGOV serves over 6,000 organizations as the leading provider of a comprehensive human capital management solution for the public sector. You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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