Leapdroid: Groundbreaking Software Innovations from Genova, Liguria’s Tech Hub

The vibrant city of Genova, Liguria, Italy serves as the headquarters for many innovative companies operating in the software industry. These companies are paving the way for future advancements in a myriad of sectors such as E-commerce, Big Data, Telecommunications, Video Games, and Energy among others. Let’s take a closer look at some of these trailblazers.


An exciting player in the E-commerce, Fashion, Information Technology, and Software space, SHOPTHELOOK was founded by Ottavia Pittaluga. More about the company can be found on LinkedIn.

Abo Data

Abo Data, founded by Antonio Murroni, operates in the realms of Big Data, Internet of Things, Real Time, Sensor, and Software. The company proffers consulting and technology projects in the area of Internet of Things, Analytics, and Machine Learning. They provide support for their customers in their digital transformation journey through consulting and IT solutions. Abo Data maintains an active presence on LinkedIn.


Specializing in Information Technology, Software, and Telecommunications, FOS offers software development and system integration services, telecom services, and infrastructure outsourcing. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Appfactory operates in the Information Technology, Software, and Web Design sectors. They are available on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Xplored operates in the Hardware, Software, and Video Games space. Further details about the company are awaited.


Operating in the sectors of Consulting, Information and Communications Technology, Information Technology, and Software, Zenatek is another noteworthy software firm based in Genova. You can find out more about Zenatek on LinkedIn.

Dot Next

Dot Next, a company that functions in the Consulting, Mobile Apps, Software, Web Apps, and Web Development fields, maintains a presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Smart Track

Smart Track operates within the Software, Information Technology, and Internet of Things sectors. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Atomos Hyla

Atomos Hyla is a vibrant presence in the Consulting, Project Management, and Software fields. More details about the company can be found on their LinkedIn page.


ERMIT, founded by Antonello Scalmato, Emanuele Baglini, Paolo Vernazza, and Simone Denei, offers unique solutions in Artificial Intelligence, Consulting, Electronics, Information Technology, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering, Product Design, and Software sectors. Interact with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Bluenergy Revolution

Bluenergy Revolution, a noteworthy player in the Energy, Renewable Energy, and Software sectors, is actively visible on LinkedIn.

These extraordinary companies are just a snapshot of the vibrant tech scene in Genova, nicely mirroring the spirit of innovation, creativity, and progress implicit to the software industry. Through competent leadership and skilled innovation, they continue to forge a path forward for tech culture in Italy, Europe, and beyond.

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