Leapdroid: Innovating Android Emulation from their Charlotte, North Carolina Base

Charlotte, North Carolina is well known for its diverse and thriving electronics industry. With its central location, solid infrastructure, and encouraging business climate, it is home to many flourishing companies venturing in various sectors such as FinTech, Consumer Electronics, 3D Printing, Aerospace and more. Here are some of these remarkable companies making their mark both locally and globally.

First off, we explore companies that have created innovative electronic solutions and platforms that serve a wide range of industries. From financial technology, electronic cigarettes to 3D printing, these companies exemplify the versatility famed to Charlotte’s electronics industry.

Next, we present some distinguished players whose influence extends beyond the industry, shaping and innovating sectors such as Aerospace, Supply Chain Management, Internet of Things and Manufacturing. These companies have redefined conventional methods and created groundbreaking technologies that influence everyday living.


Founded by Doug Little and Joe Giordano, Payzer is a premier financial technology company that offers an all-in-one financial tool aiding contractors around the globe. Operating in the Business Development, Electronics, Finance, Financial Services, and FinTech industries, the company accepts various payment methods for business transactions, providing real-time tracking across organizations. @PayzerLLC on Twitter, Facebook Page and LinkedIn Page.

blu eCigs

Established by Jason Healy, blu eCigs produce and retail electronic cigarettes and an array of other vapor cigarette accessories. It offers various flavors adding realistic alternatives to combustible tobacco cigarettes. Connect with @blucigs on Twitter and check their Facebook Page and LinkedIn Page.


Powering 3D printing with HPS technology, Axtra3D offers an unparalleled performance that exceeds other 3D Printers using SLA, DLP, and LCD print technologies. Stay in touch via their LinkedIn Page.


Founded by Mark C. Honeywell, Honeywell International offers an array of products and services spanning from aerospace and automotive products to turbochargers and specialty chemicals.
They have defined their place in the market offering energy efficiency benefits and safety technologies across four industry sectors. Follow them on their official Twitter, Facebook Page and LinkedIn Page.


Margik is a company that is recognized for its meaningful contribution to the Electronics and Supply Chain Management industry. Keep up with Margik’s latest developments on their LinkedIn Page.

Halo Smart Labs

Founded by Ben Stagg and Chad White, Halo Smart Labs develops solutions that alert homeowners of hazardous conditions in and around the home. They are committed to their goal of keeping homes safe by using sensor technology that can detect potentially hazardous situations. Stay connected with @halosmartlabs on Twitter, or check their Facebook Page and LinkedIn Page.

Snap One

With founders like Craig Craze and Jay Faison leading the way, Snap One is dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of products, services, and software for professional integrators. Connect with @snapav on Twitter and through their Facebook Page and their LinkedIn Page.


Founded by Anton Chernenko, Daniel Knisley, Dinesh Ravilla, and Greg Mazza, Radiance is a high-tech consumer electronics manufacturer specializing in virtual reality personal computing systems. Stay connected through their LinkedIn Page

Broadtree Partners

Founded by David Slenzak and Jason Hull, Broadtree Partners is a private equity firm that acquires lower middle-market companies. Stay connected through their Facebook Page and LinkedIn Page.

InVue Security Products

Founded by Jim Sankey, InVue Security Products enables retailers to openly display merchandise, and their products help various industries adopt tablets for business use. Stay connected with @invuesecurity on Twitter, or check their Facebook Page and LinkedIn Page.

Telli Technologies

Founded by Babak Parkhideh, Telli Technologies develops sensors for SiC and GaN power electronics. Get in touch with @tellitech on Twitter and their LinkedIn Page.

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