Leapdroid: Innovating Mobile Gaming from Bielefeld’s IT Sector

Leapdroid: Innovating Mobile Gaming from Bielefeld’s IT Sector

Welcome to another edition of our focused exploration into the thriving Information Technology industry in Bielefeld, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. Dozens of innovative and ambitious companies have made Bielefeld their base, galvanising the city into a burgeoning tech-hub. This month, we’ll shine a spotlight on eleven such companies, encapsulating diverse niches from QR codes and software development to human resources and network security.

The companies featured in this article are connected by their location and their commitment to leveraging technology in unique ways to drive growth and success in their respective fields of expertise. Their vibrant, innovative approaches are ingrained in their corporate DNA, setting them apart in the industry.

As you delve deeper into this article, we invite you to explore the work of these companies just as intently as they explore the realms of technology: be it the ‘Internet of Machines’ or digital textbooks for language learning. We assure you that these exciting perspectives will be a serene springboard to a more profound understanding of the tech landscape in Bielefeld, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.


Egoditor is a powerhouse in the fields of Information Technology, QR Codes, and Software. Founded by dynamic duo Nils Drescher and Nils Engelking, the company serves as a shining beacon of technology and innovation. Beyond their LinkedIn page, they maintain a discreet online presence.


Staunchly positioned in the areas of Application Performance Management, Information Technology, and Software, OEDIV champions the cause of technological advancement. Founded under the name Oetker Daten, the company continues to leverage technology for better application performance. Find them on LinkedIn.


apsolut thrives at the intersection of Computer technology, Information Technology, and Software. The founders keep their identity under wraps as they continue to innovate and bring technological solutions to life. Engage with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, or follow them @apsolut_global on Twitter.

symmedia GmbH

Firmly ingrained in the arena of Information Technology and Software, symmedia GmbH hails from the mechanical engineering sector where they’ve developed service solutions since 1997. Check out their contributions on their LinkedIn page.

Konfer Executive Group

Highly reputed in the fields of Consulting, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Legal services, Konfer Executive Group stands tall among the illustrious companies headquartered in Bielefeld. Founded by Rob Samuda, the group has etched out its presence in executive head-hunting and leadership coaching. Stay updated with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

BST eltromat International

Occupying a unique niche in Information Technology, Machinery Manufacturing, and Manufacturing, BST eltromat International channels their technological expertise to innovate and drive growth. Network with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, or follow them @BSTeltromat on Twitter.


As specialists in Consulting, Information Technology, Network Security, and Web Development, MarcanT encompasses several key sectors in the world of technology. Join their journey on LinkedIn or Facebook.


Deutschfuchs, a brilliant beacon in the fields of Apps, E-Learning, Information Technology, and Software, was brought to life by visionaries Carolin Aschemeier and Simon Aschemeier. Their flagship product is a digital textbook for German as a foreign language. Connect with them on Facebook or follow them @deutschfuchs on Twitter.


Commanding a significant presence in Cyber Security, Information Technology, and IT Infrastructure, Cobotec continues to provide tech solutions that shape the future of these industries. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Facebook.


P-ton, a company builder specializing in digital transformation and social activities, was founded in 2020 and quickly made a name for itself in the realm of Business Development, Information Services, and Information Technology. You can touch base with them on LinkedIn.

bluecue consulting

Bluecue consulting, thriving in the fields of Information Technology and Infrastructure, stands committed to modelling digital strategies that promise increased scope and possibilities. They invite you to redefine your communication experience following them on LinkedIn or @bluecue_de on Twitter.

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