Leapdroid: Innovating Mobile Gaming Software in Plymouth, Minnesota

Welcome to our next edition of the series highlighting companies operating in the Software industry whose headquarters are based in Plymouth, Minnesota, United States. Within this article, we give you an insight into some of the most influential and innovative companies that call Plymouth home. From providing cyber security solutions to developing end-to-end publishing processes, these businesses are transforming the way their industries operate.

These companies reflect the diversity of the software industry. Whether they’re pioneering the field of mobile apps with groundbreaking technology or shaping the future of E-commerce, each company brings its own unique perspective and vision to the table. Each section below gives a brief biography of each company and includes relevant contact information and social media accounts where applicable.

Ready to dive in and explore each company? Let’s get started!


NimbeLink, a leading provider of cellular modems, cellular gateway systems, and developer services, was founded by Kurt Larson and Scott Schwalbe in 2013. It specifically targets small and medium-sized companies in the machine-to-machine connectivity market. The company’s Skywire modems and related software and services enable OEM customers to develop end-device certified IoT solutions for faster time to market.

World Data Products

Since 1987, World Data Products has been a partner for thousands of enterprise and government customers. They provide OEM quality refurbished server, storage, and networking solutions ”on demand” and at substantial savings.

Lumina Datamatics

Founded by Lalit S. Kanodia, Lumina Datamatics is a trusted partner to several companies in the global publishing and retail industries. They manage end-to-end publishing processes—from content creation to product delivery. For retailers, it provides a competitive edge to increase sales through advanced content solutions, business intelligence with content, and e-commerce technology platforms.

Horse Sense Shoes

Horse Sense Shoes, founded by Michael P. McHugh, develops a non-invasive sensor that can be embedded into a horse shoe to transmit performance indicators like pressure and heat.

Anvil App Works

Anvil App Works operates in the Cloud Infrastructure, Information Technology, and Software industries.

EXB Solutions

Focusing on IT, Robotics, and Software, EXB Solutions offers software engineering and Q&A testing software solutions.

Xigent Solutions

Co-founded by Hugh Voigt, Xigent Solutions operates in the Cloud Management, Information Technology, and Software industry.

Let’s Go

Operating in the Computer, Information Technology, and Software industries, Let’s Go is a rising contender in the software industry.


TotalCAE is contributing to the future of the Cloud Management, Information Technology, and Software industries.

Goss Interactive

Founded by Robert McCarthy, Goss Interactive has become a leading web and digital platform company whose technology underpins many of the UK’s leading websites, offering web and digital self-service technologies in both Local Government and the wider public sector.

echo innovate IT

Founded by Ronak Desai, Echo Innovate IT is a perfect IT solution provider over the globe. Offering web and mobile application development, web design, data migration and more, this company is truly revolutionising the software industry.

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