Leapdroid: Innovating San Francisco’s PC Gaming Scene with Cutting-edge Software

Welcome to the latest edition of the Leapdroid series focusing on companies operating in the PC Games industry. In this installation, we’ll be highlighting several revolutionary businesses that are changing the landscape of PC gaming, all uniquely united by their location – the beautiful, tech haven of San Francisco, California, United States.

These varied enterprises serve the gaming community in different ways, developing nerve-tingling games, creating revolutionary platforms, and pushing the barriers of what’s achievable in the world of interactive entertainment. Let’s dive right into the exciting profiles of these tech giants.

A quick note before we begin: our aim with this series is to illuminate, not endorse. We’ll be showcasing companies in various stages of growth, from burgeoning start-ups to established entities. Each featured company has a unique story to tell and offers valuable insights into the gaming industry.

Gala Games

Having its roots in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and developer platforms among other fields, Gala Games is founded by Eric Schiermeyer. The company was formed with an ambitious purpose of returning power back to the players by promoting freedom through play. The key mission lies behind the significant development initiative of the iconic Gala Games Ecosystem. Follow their journey on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.


Zynga, co-founded by Andrew Trader, Eric Schiermeyer, Justin Waldron, and Mark Pincus, is a globally recognized name for developing, marketing, and running live service games over the internet, social networking sites, and mobile platforms. Birthed in 2007 and headquartered in San Francisco, Zynga has made a name for themselves with massively popular games like Slots, Words with Friends, Zynga Poker, and the FarmVille franchises. You can connect with them on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

Revolving Games

Revolving Games is an acclaimed mobile game studio co-founded by Ammar Zaeem, Saad Zaeem, and Shayan Zaeem. A standout in blockchain, gaming, and PC games industry, they focus on delivering Web3 experiences for the gamers, crafting scalable MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online games) and deep strategy games. Connect with them on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

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