Leapdroid: Innovating Software Development from Groningen’s Tech Hub

The city of Groningen is not only known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant university life, but also as a thriving hub for innovative technology and software design. Located in the northern part of the Netherlands, Groningen houses a number of companies that are not just shaping the software industry, but integrating it with various critical sectors including artificial intelligence, life sciences, fitness, and ecommerce. In this article, we will be highlighting several of these companies, providing insight into their operations, industries and founding history.

These companies, diverse in their application of software technology, are unified in their drive for innovation. Whether creating a health-app that gamifies fitness or revolutionising the chemical feedstock market through microbial cell factory strain engineering, these organizations push the boundaries of what is possible within their respective industries. Not only that, they are also characterized by their strong commitment to quality; striving for excellence in both the products they develop and the services they provide.

By exploring these companies, we hope to paint a picture of the exceptional variety and quality of the software industry in Groningen. Incorporated in this exploration, we will delve into the various industries these companies operate in, their distinctives, and the innovative software they use.

Slimmer AI

Founded by Edwin Valentijn and Gert-Jan van Dijk, Slimmer AI operates at the cutting edge of artificial intelligence, information technology, and machine learning. This venture studio supports the development of AI-driven products, refines go-to-market strategies, and helps deliver minimum viable AI products. They offer critical infrastructure and commercial delivery for companies that are looking to leverage artificial intelligence in their strategies and roadmaps. LinkedIn.

EV Biotech

Guided by its belief in the potential of a bio-based economy, EV Biotech was founded by Linda Dijkshoorn. It focuses on revolutionizing microbial cell factory strain engineering which transforms petrochemical-based chemical production to biological-based production. This tech company is pushing for more sustainable solutions in the chemical feedstock market. Facebook | LinkedIn.


WeFitter was born out of the collaboration between Alvaro Moya, Carlos Rodes, Nick Bosscher, and Roger del Sol. By integrating a range of popular health tracking apps into its API, WeFitter assists its clients in improving user engagement, saving them the time and cost of building digital connections in-house. Apart from its connection services, it also gamifies fitness and increases brand awareness, stimulating users to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Facebook | LinkedIn.

To conclude, the companies covered in this article demonstrate the steady expansion of the software industry in Groningen and the impressive diversity of its application. As a city that fosters and encourages technological progression, it will undoubtedly continue to be a hotspot for innovation and breakthroughs in the fields of software and technology.

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