Leapdroid: Innovation in Android Emulation from Vancouver, Washington

Leapdroid: Innovation in Android Emulation from Vancouver, Washington

Welcome to our series highlighting companies operating in the software industry in Vancouver, Washington, United States. Over the course of this series, you will be introduced to some fantastic companies doing innovative work in the field of software and app development. Each unique article gives you an insight into the companies we feature, providing a company bio and links to their websites.

Vancouver, Washington, known for its incredible nature and vibrant businesses, is home to a multitude of unique software companies with a diverse range of offerings. From augmented reality and hardware to fintech and event management software, the software industry in Vancouver is truly thriving.

Without any further delay, let’s delve into our list of selected companies.


Beginning with RealWear, a leading provider of assisted augmented reality wearable solutions, this company aims to empower frontline industrial workers. Founded by Andrew Chrostowski, Andy Lowery, Brian Hamilton, and Chris Parkinson, it has readily gained popularity among world-class customers like Shell, Goodyear, Mars, Colgate-Palmolive, and BMW. Facebook, LinkedIn, and @realwearinc

Embed Financial Technologies

Co-founded by Michael Giles, Embed Financial Technologies specializes in providing securities execution, clearing, settlement, and custody APIs to fintechs, broker-dealers, RIAs, banks, and trust companies. LinkedIn and @embedded


Digs aids residential home builders by enhancing their existing processes. They provide innovative solutions in the realm of construction and software. Check them out on their LinkedIn page.


Allison Magyar and Josh Vande Krol’s Hubb is revolutionizing how people experience events using powerful attendee engagement tools. Hubb’s platform supports large virtual, onsite and hybrid events. You can follow them on @hubbdotme, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Ben Howard, Jonathan Evans, and Nick Rogers, KinectAir is paving the path for advanced air mobility. KinectAir allows for private aircraft to be booked via smartphones and aims to be the enabler for today’s charter to scale and give new electric and hydrogen aircraft an optimized network when they reach certification. More about them on their Facebook, @kinectair, and LinkedIn pages.


ToolBelt, founded by Ross Barbieri, specializes in multiple areas like software development, staffing, labor sourcing, construction, and residential construction. The software platform enables its users to scout talents, browse work materials, and connect with their employees. Facebook, @realToolBelt, and LinkedIn handle for ToolBelt.


ELUX, founded by Kurt Ulmer, specializes in computer operating systems and software. More about them on


Founded by Christopher Berkompas, Daniel Berkompas, and Jordan Muela, LeadSimple offers a CRM that helps to organize your sales process and grow your business faster. Follow them on @leadsimple, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


MIME, founded by Christopher Merkle, is a revolutionary foundation shade finder catering to all skin tones. You can check their website on


Maurício Castro’s Ciclano works in the domain of internet, media and entertainment, mobile apps, and software. Follow them on Facebook, @ciclanoio, and LinkedIn.


Last but not the least, Henry Schuck’s DiscoverOrg offers comprehensive buying intelligence that can be used to sell to buyers. Linking Facebook, LinkedIn, and @discoverorg.

This concludes our review of software companies in Vancouver, Washington. Each of these companies brings unique approaches and innovative solutions to the tech industry, serving customers both locally and worldwide.

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