Leapdroid: Innovative Emulation Software Powerhouse in Baden, Aargau, Switzerland

Leapdroid: Innovative Emulation Software Powerhouse in Baden, Aargau, Switzerland


Located in the heart of Switzerland, Baden is home to several companies making their mark in the Information Technology industry. Today we bring you an inside look at some of these extraordinary companies, focused on revolutionizing their respective industries with innovative technology. They all are based in Baden and contribute their part to the IT-tech scene in Aargau, Switzerland. Let’s get into it.

Bringing fitness to the forefront of travel convenience, utilizes Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to provide users with the best selection of hotels with quality gyms disclosed with their in-house developed GymFactor label. An ambitious force in the E-Commerce, Fitness, and IT industries, they have partnered with major brands in the fitness and booking industry such as Fitbod, Freeletics, HotelPlanner, and Kayak. Connect with on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


A technology company that provides secure and feature-rich email services for individuals and businesses alike. Swissmail distinguishes itself within the IT and messaging environment through its focus on security and user-friendly functionalities.


A full-service IT provider, Avectris has built its reputation by offering IT consulting, system and network establishment, and safe operation of IT systems. They keep the momentum high in the IT industry. Follow Avectris on Twitter and LinkedIn.


A graffiti-scarred titan in the cloud management raider, SLYNET offers a range of hosting solutions including cloud service, hardware migrations, and network analysis. Geared towards offering efficient IT solutions, they’re a forward thinker in this dynamic IT environment. You can connect with them on LinkedIn.

SR Media

Founded by Christian Buchner, SR Media is a major player in the information technology, events, and web design industries. Make sure to follow them for updates on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Gamanza is pioneering path in the gaming and IT industry. You can connect with them through their Facebook page or on LinkedIn.


Posed to redefine the IT and digital marketing spaces for Small and Medium businesses, Konoma is the change every modern company needs. Konoma’s latest updates can be found on their Twitter feed and LinkedIn page.

Andrion AG

Specialists in digital delivery at any scale, Andrion AG stands tall in the Information Technology space. Concentrated on serving Swiss banks and firms in the financial services sector, they can be found on both their Facebook page and their LinkedIn profile.


As wholesalers supplying specialized computer and appliance stores, Alltron forms a critical part of the IT, Hardware, and Software industries. With their team of 530+ specialists, they are one of the biggest players based in Aargau. Catch up with Alltron on Twitter and LinkedIn.


In the web development and cloud services space, aXenta is a key participant. Connect with aXenta on Facebook and LinkedIn.


web4you is a digital powerhouse offering a range of IT services including web design, advice, installation, repairs, and upgrades. Their services are accessible over phone and email, making them a reliable partner for any IT solution needs. Don’t miss out on their updates on Facebook.

About these companies are just some companies leading the way in the IT industry in Baden, Switzerland. They represent the hard work, dedication, and tech innovation that inherently threads through the Swiss identity.


(Please note that in a real article, the company name, founders’ names and descriptions for the companies that haven’t been provided will be filled with accurate and up-to-date information.)

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