Leapdroid: Leading Chicago’s Social Network Software Development Revolution


Chicago, Illinois, a place known for its historic charm and vibrant culture is also a vibrant hub for social networking companies servicing various industries. In this article, we turn the spotlight toward some of these innovative companies, introducing their founders, describing their services, and revealing how they’re radically shaping their respective realms.

Chicago’s diverse economy provides fertile ground for companies to grow and compete. From art and blockchain firms to private social networking and social entrepreneurship organizations, there’s a company for every niche in the Windy City. These Chicago-based social networking companies comprise an integral part of the city’s technology landscape, driving innovation and opportunities.

Without further due, let’s embark on a journey to discover these industry leaders, causes they stand for, and the ways they’re contributing to the world of work and communication.

Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is an organization based in Chicago, focusing on connecting visionary entrepreneurs with resources that function as catalysts for their business ventures. Founded by Ellen Rudnick and Steven Kaplan, the center runs programs that support affiliated teams from the University of Chicago. You can learn more about them by following their update on LinkedIn

Professional Diversity Network

The Professional Diversity Network is a social network service aimed at bolstering diversity in the professional world. Founded by Jim Kirsch, the company is on a mission to match diverse talent with equal opportunities. To connect with them, follow their LinkedIn page.


Founded by four ambitious enthusiasts, Byt is all about leveraging blockchain technology to revolutionize the art industry. They venture into the world of NFTs and blockchain as a marketplace and social network. Check out their progress on LinkedIn.


Started by Ayinde Arnett, UpNext is a mobile app offering 3D maps and virtual tours of locations. This platform, now owned by Amazon, allows you to explore cities from the comfort of your own home. Stay updated with their progress on LinkedIn.


Founded by Dario Medina, Dominique Wilson, and Matt Strauss, RiseKit is a platform dedicated to connecting individuals from underserved communities with job opportunities and career paths. The software they provide helps professionals and employers make an impact in the job sector. Visit their LinkedIn page to learn more about their work.


Started by Erica Bishaf, CampfireSocial is a social network that allows organizations to have uninterrupted access to their stakeholders while offering a modern member and vendor partner experience. Keep up with their latest updates by visiting their LinkedIn page.

Growth Geeks

Founded by Bronson Taylor, Lucas Taylor, and Mike Hardenbrook, Growth Geeks is a digital marketing company that helps businesses change their growth trajectory. Follow them on LinkedIn to see how they’re revolutionizing the marketing industry.

For True Foodies Only

For True Foodies Only is a global social platform founded by Joanne Carter and Tadeusz Kolodziejczyk for food and wine lovers to connect and be inspired. Follow them on LinkedIn to explore the world of culinary delights.


Frank is a social networking platform that aims to improve project management. This dynamic platform was founded by Charlie Aufmann and Mary Urbina-McCarthy. Follow their journey on LinkedIn.


Founded by Andrew Limouris, Medix™ is a staffing agency that operates globally, unifying job seekers and employers in various industries. Keep up with their updates on LinkedIn.


Founded by Roushan Kumar, Yaass is a social networking platform bringing a new approach to the world of online dating. Check how they’re changing the dynamics of dating on their LinkedIn page.


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