Leapdroid: Leading Developer Platform Innovations from London’s Tech Scene

Leapdroid: Leading Developer Platform Innovations from London’s Tech Scene

Welcome to another insightful round-up of London-based companies making strides in the Developer Platform Industry. Keep reading to find out how these companies utilise their innovative platforms to bring you the best in enterprise software, cloud solutions, data integration, and more.

We’re continuously inspired by the creativity and technical expertise of these companies, each one committed to delivering high-impact products and services. In this article, we feature eleven enterprises, providing a brief bio and showcasing some of the innovative solutions they offer.

Scroll down the article to learn more about these companies and remember to check out their websites for further information.


Cyferd is a London-based company focusing on apps, data integration, developer platform, enterprise software, and web development. Its unified data model allows developers to build powerful, data-driven applications without coding. Cyferd’s platform enables businesses to reuse or extend integrated data, consolidating business solutions. Hosting apps securely in the cloud, the platform is conveniently accessible to users. Stay updated by following them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Renowned for its highly scalable NewSQL database, SurrealDB is a leader in big data, cloud computing, and developer platforms. SurrealDB is the go-to database for serverless applications, offering real-time queries, advanced security, and support for analytical workloads. Stay connected via their LinkedIn and Twitter pages.


As an accomplished blockchain development platform, Tatum supports developers to efficiently build applications on the blockchain. Its API enables quick integration of blockchain into various products. Connect with them through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for more details.


WealthKernel leverages developer APIs, a developer platform, and Fintech to make wealth management accessible to businesses. Get more insights on LinkedIn.


Vaticle aims to equip engineers to solve complex problems through their strongly-typed database TypeDB and its query language, TypeQL. Their work is instrumental in industries such as Life Sciences, Defence & Security, Financial Services, and Robotics. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to stay abreast of their recent developments. provides secure over-the-air updatable software platforms for embedded product development, making connected devices easier to build and maintain. Follow their updates on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


An integrated accounting engine with a low-code development platform geared towards financial services, LemonEdge is tackling financial challenges industry-wide. Find them on LinkedIn for more.

Nexus FrontierTech

Bringing enhanced decision-making capabilities to enterprises, Nexus FrontierTech leverages AI to enable automation solutions. Their advanced algorithms bring traceability, visibility, and usability to enterprise data in real-time. Follow their journey on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Veolia UK

Veolia UK is involved in energy management, waste management, and environmental consulting. The company is part of a global network providing sustainable solutions in water, waste, and energy. Stay updated by following their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages.


Petainer is a leading engineering and technology business specialising in the production of PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate) plastic containers. Their focus on sustainable technologies and material efficiency delivers environmentally friendly packaging. Find out more on their LinkedIn and Twitter pages. offers a next-generation collaboration platform for distributed analytics teams. After opening offices in London and the USA in 2020, they have quickly become leaders in analytics, collaboration, and developer platforms. Follow their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts for further updates.

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