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In this month’s installment of our series spotlighting app companies based in Charlotte, North Carolina, we cover a wide array of industries including fleet management, e-commerce, finance, property management, and healthcare. The dynamic nature of these companies highlights Charlotte’s diverse tech and app scene, providing an engaging microcosm of entrepreneurship and innovation.

First on our list is Whip Around, founded by James Colley and Tim Boyle. This innovative business tackles the cumbersome task of paper-based compliance systems for transport companies with a powerful digital solution that simplifies fleet inspections, compliance, maintenance, and much more. Their success can be quantified by the more than 85,000 users who have opted to use their services.

Whip Around

Fleet management can be a complex process, but Whip Around streamlines it with a powerful and easy-to-use mobile app. Used by transportation companies across the globe, Whip Around creates custmizable checklists for assets, allowing drivers to conduct inspections anywhere, anytime. Instant alerts, detailed report views from the management dashboard and easy fault management make this app a fan-favorite among performers within the transport industry. Follow them on Facebook or Linkedin to stay updated with their progress.

House Account

Our next spotlight shines on House Account, a mobile app that simplifies and enhances the shopping experience. Founded by Travis Parsons, this innovative app acts as a conduit between shoppers and independent boutiques dealing in apparel, jewelry, and home goods, helping to bolster small businesses while satisfying customers’ shopping desires. Follow House Account on Twitter for the latest happenings and updates.


Managing finances as a couple need not be a pain thanks to Honeyfi. The brainchild of Joe Stanish, Ramy Serageldin, and Sam Schultz, this free mobile app allows couples to sync their financial accounts, select what info to share with each other, thus simplifying the process of coordinating and managing household finances. Stay connected with their developments on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Mansion Life

Mansion Life, founded by John Sutton, is revolutionizing single-family rentals. Utilizing technology and modern finance, this application provides tailored home services, and is reshaping the property management industry. For industry updates, insights, and forecasts from the company, do follow their updates on LinkedIn.


Ever wanted to coordinate your home décor based on color? That’s where Vishion comes in. Founded by Gurtej Singh and Samantha Smith, this unique platform allows users to search for décor and furniture by color, as well as planning and organizing their design plans. They also connect users with home renovation experts for consultation or full projects. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Novarus Healthcare

Novarus Healthcare is a pioneer in healthcare and employee benefits delivery. Co-founded by David Moore and Tom Hearn, their technology-centered services help to make healthcare, employee engagement, and benefits delivery more productive and cost-effective. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn for updates and more.


Addressing a critical but often neglected area, Amissa aids caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients by providing them with tools to manage the disease’s unique challenges. The company, founded by Colby Ford and Jon A. Corkey, allows caregivers to do things such geo-fencing and locating wandering loved ones, and even predict Alzheimer’s behaviors to prevent potential accidents. Stay in touch with them through Facebook or LinkedIn.


For all the music lovers out there, GoghNow connects you with local musicians for your live music needs, making personalized musical experiences more accessible. Stay tuned to their performances and updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Nest Egg

Creating a financially secure future for your children is now an easier task thanks to Nest Egg. Founded by Christopher McGlynn, this app allows families and friends to create and contribute to an investment account for children. Stay on top of their updates through Facebook.


From analytics to web design, Rapidops cover a vast array of services that help businesses grow digitally. Founded by Dipesh Patel, Jayesh Mori, and Samir Motwani, Rapidops has proven itself to be a trusted partner in digital transformation and analytics. Stay in touch through their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

S.I.T. Seniors In Transition

Last but not least, is S.I.T. Seniors In Transition. This mobile application is designed to facilitate communication between caregivers and family members of seniors who are transitioning into later phases of their lives. The app also allows for the scheduling of transportation and gift purchases. Connect with them on Facebook or LinkedIn for further updates and insights.

In conclusion, Charlotte’s tech scene is filled with innovators creating apps that transform various industries and improve lives. From health to finance, these Charlotte-based companies are showing how creativity and technology can come together to provide new and exciting solutions.

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