Leapdroid: Leading Software Innovation from Fort Wayne, Indiana’s Tech Hub


Fort Wayne, Indiana serves as home base for a variety of standout companies operating in the expansive Software industry. From provider of complex business software to designer of interstitial tech-art experiences, each of these businesses contributes uniquely to the technological scenery of the Midwest and beyond. Fort Wayne might not be Silicon Valley, but its tech industry stakes its claim all the same. Let’s discover more about these leading Software companies and how they’re elevating Fort Wayne’s status in the tech world.

Bearing a vast range of products, services, and areas of specialization, these companies collectively display the breadth and depth of Fort Wayne’s technological prowess. Some have made their mark on a global scale, whereas others focus their efforts on improving local industry. So, whether they’re optimizing logistics through artificial intelligence, facilitating healthcare operations, or creating immersive video game experiences, these companies showcase the real potential of software innovation in Fort Wayne.

Now let’s dive into the specifics and get to know each company a bit better. Links in company names will take you to their websites for more detail, and you’ll find additional resources for connecting at the end of each bio. Remember, you’re not just learning about individual companies, but peering into the bigger picture of Fort Wayne’s tech scene and the key players shaping it.


Specializing in applying artificial intelligence to logistics, software, and transportation, Princetontmx is just one of many innovative companies headquartered in Fort Wayne. Make sure to follow them on @princetontmx on Twitter, or connect via Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by George Olney, iRely is a premier, global provider of complex business software, with solutions that help companies manage core processes. You can follow their journey on @iRelyERP on Twitter, or connect via Facebook and LinkedIn.


Colorfiction, founded by Maximilian Arocena, seeks to bridge the gap between art and technology through interactive experiences. Follow their creative process on Twitter @colorfiction.

Aptera Software

Aptera Software, co-founded by Conrad Ehinger and TK Herman, specializes in crafting mobile apps and web apps for enterprise-level companies. Keep up to date with their latest projects on Twitter at @apterasoftware, or connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Enterprise Health

Enterprise Health operates at the intersection of healthcare, information technology, and software. Stay connected with them on Twitter at @ehocchealth, or meet them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Medical Informatics Engineering

Co-founded by Doug Horner, Medical Informatics Engineering works to streamline communication within the healthcare industry. Follow them on Twitter at @mieehr, or connect via Facebook and LinkedIn.


Logikos is a custom software development and systems integration company with nearly three decades of experience. Keep in touch with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Specializing in CRM and information technology, Techficient offers a range of software solutions. Stay connected with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Extension Healthcare

Co-founded by Todd Plesko, Extension Healthcare offers solutions for improved clinical communication and coordination. Keep up with their journey on Twitter at @extensionhealth, or connect via Facebook and LinkedIn.

PHD, Inc.

Specializing in manufacturing, software, and virtual reality, PHD, Inc. is yet another remarkable software company in Fort Wayne. Follow their innovative journey on Twitter at @phd_inc, or connect on Facebook and LinkedIn.

EitBiz – Software, Mobile App & Web Development Company

With a broad range of services, EitBiz positions itself as a leading provider of software, mobile app, and web development solutions. Co-founded by Vikas Dagar, EitBiz also specializes in digital marketing. Stay updated through Twitter at @eitbiz, or connect on Facebook and LinkedIn.


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