Leapdroid: Leading Software Innovation from Kyiv’s Tech-Driven Heartland

Leapdroid: Leading Software Innovation from Kyiv’s Tech-Driven Heartland

For this article, we explore some of the contribution of the Software industry to the economic growth in Kyiv, Kyyiv, Ukraine. We delve into a highlight of outstanding companies in this industry, focusing on a range of products and services from blockchain to cybersecurity, software development, mobile apps, and AI. These organizations are driving innovation, creating jobs, and demonstrating that Kyiv is a technology hub where new ideas are nurtured, and revolutionary products and services are created.

Boasting an impressive range of tech giants and promising start-ups, Kyiv’s tech incubators are thriving as they push the boundaries of what is possible with digital solutions. Hence, Kyiv has proven to be a global competitor in this field, with the businesses in its tech landscape offering a plethora of products to the global market.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the companies reshaping the industry, whose commitment to excellence and continuous innovation continue to contribute to the growth and development of Kyiv’s tech industry.


Aurora is a high-end Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) developed by the team at the NEAR Protocol. It offers a seamless solution for developers to implement their apps on an Ethereum-compatible, high-throughput, scalable, and safe for the future platform, with low transaction costs for their customers. Aurora was established in 2021 and stands out in the fields of Blockchain, Ethereum, Financial Services, FinTech, and Software. For more about Aurora, visit their social media channels: @auroraisnear, Facebook and LinkedIn


Hacken is a leading cybersecurity consulting and audit services company specializing in B2B, Blockchain, Cyber Security, Network Security, Penetration Testing, and Software. They offer a myriad of products including, a crowdsourced security platform with a focus on WEB3 and more.


Operating in Artificial Intelligence, Hardware, Information Technology, Machine Learning, and Software, Respeecher leverages AI to convert one speaker’s performance into the voice of another, completely separating voices from actors.


EvaCodes is a customer-centered software development company offering solutions in areas such as Blockchain, Mobile Apps, Software, Web Development and more. EvaCodes aims to provide solutions while hiring top IT personnel to tackle unavoidable issues.


Reface is renowned for its application of AI/ML technologies for personalized content creation. The Reface app has topped the charts, gaining recognition among the best apps of 2020 by Google Play and amassing more than 180 million installs as of December 2021.


Remme sets a new security standard with its products addressing the issues related to security, authentication, and digital certificate management. With open-source Remme Protocol and Remme Auth, the B2B, Cyber Security, Enterprise Software, Identity Management, Information Technology, Security, Software company satisfies its customers’ authentication needs.

The App Solutions

Described as a company that creates software that meets the hearts of users, The App Solutions, founded in 2014, specializes in creating fantastic Apps that align with clients’ objectives.

Input Soft

InputSoft, a software development company, provides solutions for airports, airlines, and ground handlers worldwide. They offer a SaaS platform that allows these companies to allocate human and technical resources efficiently, reduce costs, and collect and analyze data about all airport processes.


Orderry, a b2b SaaS designed explicitly for repair shops, offers a robust solution that allows these businesses to save time and money. The software is designed to optimize and automate business processes, making it easy to use in service management.


Skyworker, a tech recruiting marketplace, helps both companies and talents meet in a ‘swipe left’/’swipe right’ format. Skyworker simplified the hiring process to a single action of setting interviews, generating interviews leads for companies without any effort on their side.


A Danish innovative IT outsourcing company, Ciklum, founded in 2002, is a significant player in nearshore software development in Eastern Europe, specifically Ukraine and Belarus. With over 1,700 IT specialists, it provides its global clients with software development teams that deliver top-notch products and services.

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