Leapdroid: Leading Web Apps Innovations from Heart of Paris, France


Welcome to another installment of our series featuring innovative companies based in Paris, Ile-de-France, thriving in the rapidly evolving Web Apps Industry. The ability to develop and leverage technology in ingenious ways has never been more significant, and these companies are at the forefront of this revolution.

From leveraging AI for efficient solutions, revolutionizing education and music practice, to facilitating faster web-app development, it is clear that the scope of their work is broad and their impact vast. Here’s a closer look at each of these dynamic companies.


Headquartered in Paris and operating in the AI and IT Industry, Mindee was founded by Georges Ryssen, Jonathan Grandperrin, Mohamed Biaz, and Olivier Rey. Their mission is to offer your business tailored AI solutions designed by their team of experts in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

More about Mindee on: Linkedin | Twitter


Founded by Jean-Baptiste Hironde, MWM has established itself as a leading publisher of creative apps. With over 500 million downloads globally, the company is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and developing AI technologies.

More about MWM on: Linkedin | Twitter | Facebook


At we offer a low-code front-end builder that helps companies ship web-applications faster. This platform allows the use of data from your stack in the web-product. WeWeb was founded by Florian Briou, Marc Fabre, and Raphael Goldsztejn.

More about WeWeb on: Linkedin | Twitter | Facebook


Klassroom is a platform that revolutionizes education by offering a platform for remote learning suitable for parents and educators. Founded by Damien Rottemberg and Frank-David Cohen, Klassroom’s platform can translate all posts and private messages between parent and teacher into 100 different languages.

More about Klassroom on: Linkedin | Twitter | Facebook


Cube, founded by Pierre Launay and Thomas Groc, simplifies app creation and provides a hassle-free experience throughout the app creation journey.

More about Cube on: Linkedin | Twitter


Starton was established by Cédric Cervantes and Fabien Poggi and specializes in web apps development within the IT industry.

More about Starton on: Linkedin | Twitter | Facebook


Co-founded by David DUVAL and Rémi CANNESSANT, YAAGO operates in the web development industry. They specialize in pre-booking services and optimizing operational management solutions.

More about YAAGO on: Linkedin


Established by Nicolas Arbogast, Weezic is revolutionizing music practice with their copyrighted Augmented Sheet Music.

More about Weezic on: Linkedin | Twitter | Facebook


Theodo is a digital development agency led by Benoît Charles-Lavauzelle and Fabrice Bernhard. They build custom web and mobile apps with their clients to increase their market share and productivity.

More about Theodo on: Linkedin | Twitter | Facebook

My Visual Brief

My Visual Brief, co-founded by Anas Charafi and Egle Karalyte, offers a web-based tool which provides an efficient way to communicate between designers and clients during the briefing process.

More about My Visual Brief on: Facebook | Twitter


Operating in the web app industry, Galadrim specializes in web design and mobile app development for small and medium businesses.

More about Galadrim on: Linkedin | Facebook

The landscape of the Web Apps industry in Paris, Ile-de-France continues to be dominated by these extraordinary firms pushing the boundaries of technological and digital invention. Their work impacts a wide range of sectors from education to entertainment and beyond. These companies truly represent the future of their respective industries and the innovative heart of Paris.


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