Leapdroid: Leading Web Development Innovator in Stuttgart, Germany Spotlighted

The vibrant city of Stuttgart, located in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, has become a thriving hub for companies within the web development industry. With innovative start-ups and established firms, these businesses are making strides in the tech advancements of Web Design, UX/UI, Mobile Apps, Network Security, Software Development, and more. Let’s shed light on some of these companies that have made Stuttgart their home.

These businesses have different specialties and focus areas, however, they all create digital solutions geared towards improving web presence and digital interfaces. From companies creating award-winning task managers to those providing insightful consultations and software solutions, these web development firms have a great deal to offer to the digital landscape.

Let’s explore some of these companies and understand their role in the industry and the contributions they have made in shaping the digital world today.

Cultured Code

Founded by Werner Jainek, Cultured Code is a Product Design, Software, and Web Development Company based in Stuttgart. Known for developing remarkable task management tools like Things, it has earned numerous awards including the Apple Design Awards, Macworld Editors’ Choice Awards, and the MacStories Selects Awards. To stay updated about their achievements and services, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Bitfactory GmbH

Bitfactory GmbH, co-founded by Andreas Gawelczyk and Matthias Nagel, is a technology company specializing in mobile apps, software, UX Design, and Web Development. Bitfactory provides custom software solutions and has a legacy of delivering high-quality agile development processes. You can stay connected with Bitfactory on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Established in 2004, puremedia is a web company focused on developing software and web applications. It specializes in working with technologies like Silverlight, Python, AJAX, PHP, Ruby, and Javascript. You can learn more about their projects and successes on their website and by following them on Twitter.


Founded by Volker D. Pallas, PALLAS DIGITAL is an Information Technology company offering services in Internet security, Web Design, and Web Development.

Experience One

Co-founded by Kai Müller, Experience One is a web development company that specializes in providing services in Consulting, Digital Marketing, IT, and UX Design. Stay connected with Experience One via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Based in Stuttgart, Seracom specializes in Digital Marketing, Machine Learning, Software Development, and UX Design. Check out their LinkedIn for more information.


Divia is a software and web development company that offers services in App development and Marketing. Stay connected with Divia on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Poolarserver develops software for mobile devices and web development, specializing in project management and workflow design.


DauHerkert is a web development company specializing in digital marketing and consulting, with a focus on designing the architecture of websites.


NLDX is a web development company, offering services in Internet and Marketing. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Webdesign Agentur Wom87

Webdesign Agentur Wom87 specializes in web design and development for e-commerce platforms. They also offer services for SEO and Data Protection. Connect with them on Facebook.

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