Leapdroid: Leading Web Hosting Solutions from Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Leapdroid: Leading Web Hosting Solutions from Montréal, Quebec, Canada

In the heart of Québec, nestled between the St. Lawrence River and Mount Royal, Montréal thrives as a dynamic hub for web hosting companies. This digital pivot-point attracts a colorful array of software and hosting startups. Lending its vibrant energy and functional facilities, Montréal nurtures the growth of this industry with a unique amalgamation of European charm and North American drive. Anchored by a thriving tech community, these web hosting companies offer various value-added services to a growing global clientele.

Montréal’s technological industry has robust support from the government and the local community. This has led to a surge of successful startups sprouting across the city, each offering unique solutions and adding a vibrant diversity to the web hosting landscape. Whether they specialize in social news, art, or cloud technology – each company offers something unique to their niche sector within the broad web hosting industry. Let’s delve into some of these companies making strides in this space.

Despite the global pandemic increasing remote work and the subsequent requirements for web hosting, these companies continue to innovate, grow, and pivot based on new customer needs. In truth, the pandemic has only served to highlight the importance of solid web hosting solutions, prompting entrepreneurs to consider companies operating in this sector. The following are some of the Montréal-based companies making waves in the web hosting field.

1. Bunch

Founded by Andrew Sider and Hesam Hosseini, Bunch is a new topic-based network where members can engage over shared interests. The platform aims to bring depth to social media by connecting like-minded people and facilitating rich discussions. Members can join up to three groups and participate in conversations by sharing related content or comments.


Founded by Phil Rivard, NUKERN is a Software as a Service designed to help web hosts and digital agencies maximize their time. They provide automated solutions for recurrent billing and web hosting account provisioning; thus, simplifying complex and time-consuming processes.

3. Bandzoogle

Established by Chris Vinson, Bandzoogle offers direct-to-fan marketing and commerce tools set for aspiring bands to grow their presence online. They allow artists to build their websites and control their revenues.

4. iWeb Technologies

Founded by Eric Chouinard, Kobi Samboursky, and Martin Leclair, iWeb provides top-quality Internet hosting services and IT infrastructures including shared hosting, unmanaged and managed dedicated servers, and colocation. The company operates three data centers delivering services in multiple languages and serving clients from more than 135 countries worldwide.

5. Superclick Networks

Providing network design, deployment and infrastructure management for hospitality, healthcare and MDU markets, Superclick Networks has established a significant presence in Montréal’s web hosting industry.

6. Legacy Locker

Co-founded by Adam Burg and Jeremy Toeman, Legacy Locker enables users to enter their credentials to various web services, which are then passed on to their loved ones in the event of their demise.

7. Web Hosting Canada

A leader in the web hosting space since 2003, Web Hosting Canada provides top-notch services to Canadian businesses, helping them succeed online.

8. OS4 Techno

As a consulting firm specializing in IT infrastructure and web hosting services, OS4 Techno strives to deliver high-quality solutions for their clients.

9. GloboTech communications

GloboTech communications offers enterprise-level network solutions by crafting high-quality dedicated servers designed for a seamless hosting experience.

10. HPJ Solutions

Founded by Pascal Jarry, HPJ Solutions provides affordable website design and development services to small and medium-sized companies in Montreal.

11. Tektonik inc.

A company engaged in the graphic design, human resources, and web hosting sectors, Tektonik inc. concludes our list of Montreal-based web hosting companies.

These corporations serve as driving forces in Montréal’s web hosting industry, aiding in the city’s venture to become a tech hub unparalleled in Canada. Their efforts contribute to the continued economic development of the city and province of Québec. Each in its unique way has carved a niche for itself, making Montréal proud, and placing it firmly on the global map as a leading city for flourishing web hosting companies.

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