LeapDroid: Livermore’s Innovation Leader in App and Software Development

LeapDroid: Livermore’s Innovation Leader in App and Software Development

The software industry is booming and at the forefront of this growth are innovative companies based in Livermore, California. Below, we’re going to highlight these burgeoning companies –– each one an embodiment of the energy, expertise, and innovation that has made Livermore a tech hub to watch.

From Artificial Intelligence to blockchain, compliance to cloud security, these Livermore-based companies are shaping the future of technology. But beyond their innovative tech, each company tells a fascinating story of ambition, resilience, and success.

So, let’s dive in to explore their impressive journeys, one company at a time:


Founded in 2018 by Avi Katz, Jack Porter, Richard Post, and Soundararajan Velu, Cognizer is charting new territory in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Famous as the world’s first “Corporate Brain”, Cognizer leverages advanced AI-powered Natural Language Intelligence to revolutionize business knowledge capture and dissemination throughout the Augmented Enterprise. They operate out of Livermore with a prominent presence in Bangalore, India. You can connect with them via their social platforms: @cognizerai, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Livermore Software Technology Corporation (LSTC)

Under the leadership of founder John O. Hallquist, LSTC is a renowned name in consulting, information technology, and software. With a focus on solving complex engineering problems, LSTC develops LS-DYNA and a suite of related engineering software products. They also have a large footprint in manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, defense and beyond. Reach out to them on LinkedIn.

Sierra Photonics

Sierra Photonics provides government entities with advanced custom communication and sensor technologies. Specializing in cost-effective technical solutions to difficult government problems, their detailed engineering design, rapid prototyping and spiral development make them a favourite of many.

Activant Solutions

Activant Solutions, founded by Donald J. Ruder, Henry M. Gay, and William W. Stevens, provide crucial business management solutions to distribution and retail businesses in an array of vertical markets. Their holistic approach integrates point-of-sale, inventory management, general accounting, e-commerce, warehouse automation, and data-focused services. They can be found on @epicor, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Gluon, founded by Hakam Misson, Narinder Bajwa, Sameer Misson, and Stuart Hockman, is a versatile player in the field of technology. In addition to developing IoT solutions that connect industries, they also design hardware and software solutions to many businesses. Their social platforms are @gluon and Facebook.


Imanami is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a leading player in Active Directory Group Management Solutions. They offer a robust suite of solutions that ensure effective user provision, while also managing distribution and security groups. Connect with them on @imanami, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

ReServe Interactive

Established in 1996 by Beth Goodell, Lynn Carter, and Robert Edmeyer, ReServe Interactive provides customized software for the hospitality industry. They can be found on @reserveint, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

AGTEK Development

AGTEK Development Company specialises in providing software for planning and productivity to the heavy civil construction industry. They provide shareable, modular solution software which helps industries to optimize their planning and production control. Connect with them through @AGTEKDirtSimple, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Remo+, cofounded by Paul Lee and SooWoo Lee, focuses on the development of smart home security products. It offers the world’s first over-the-door, smart security camera. Connect with the company via @remoplus, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Lanlogic has been providing IT services, support, and consulting in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1995. You can connect with Lanlogic on @lanlogicit, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Maulik Shyani, CloudMatos leads in the world of self-healing, self-aware, self-sustaining, self-resilient, self-secure and intelligent remediation, CloudMatos is a complete security and governance solution provider for your cloud infrastructure. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

In conclusion, Livermore is home to unique and innovative software companies that are shaping our future. Through their exceptional services, aesthetic platforms, and groundbreaking solutions, they are trailblazing a new future for the tech industry.

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