Leapdroid: Mobile Tech Innovator Steers Future From Wilmington Headquarters

Laoshi is a cutting-edge EdTech company based in Wilmington, Delaware, that focuses on mobile language learning apps. Co-founded by Danil Khasanshin and Sergei Kondrashov, the company targets Mandarin Chinese students and teachers by providing advanced tools and functionalities to improve language understanding and knowledge retention. Laoshi’s primary offering is a language learning app stocked with modern tools and features designed to promote effective learning experiences. Users can download the app by visiting the company’s website.


Founded by ALPESH PATEL, Benjamin Aubin Jr, and Terell Canton, ZMBIZI is a Wilmington-based FinTech company operating within the Mobile Apps, Mobile Devices, and Telecommunications industries. The organization developed a unique App ecosystem featuring a symbiotic blend of hardware and software curated with the mission of empowering the user. Using an array of preloaded applications in Fintech, ZMBIZI directly targets the urban multicultural millennials and generation Z audiences. Interested parties can find more information about ZMBIZI’s offerings by visiting the website.


Genopets is a pioneering Blockchain gaming company based in Wilmington, Delaware. Co-founded by Albert Chen, Benjamin Tse, and Jay Chang, the organization developed a Free-to-Play, Move-to-Earn NFT mobile game designed to make living an active lifestyle both fun and rewarding. With a core focus on user fitness linked with digital pet evolution and growth, the business model perfectly caters to audiences interested in mobile gaming and health. Visit the company’s website to learn more about its offerings.


Based in Wilmington, Ualett operates within the Financial Services, FinTech, and Mobile Apps industries. Its primary service is an account receivables sales and purchase app designed for independent drivers. Powered by Cabicash Solutions Inc., the Ualett® registered brand offers a unique financial service for mobile users. To learn more about Ualett’s services, visit the company’s website.


With a focus on the health industry, Numo ADHD offers a unique ADHD support app designed to provide assistance based on neuroscience, psychotherapy, and executive function coaching. The Wilmington-based business provides comprehensive support to adults, helping them stay focused on tasks, achieve more, and feel rewarded. Funded by Google for startups, Numo also offers psychoeducation about ADHD brain and coping skills, lifehacks, and community. Visit the official website for more information about Numo ADHD.


Zzan is a Wilmington-based mobile app development company offering an innovative platform for gift-giving. The company’s primary product is simpler and faster, allowing users to send gifts to friends without needing to ask for their address. For more information about Zzan’s gifting solution, visit the official website.


Tabler, co-founded by Alan Amadej Eferl, Deni Sebastian Eferl, and Dr. Christian Stahl, is a Wilmington-located dating company operating within the Mobile, Nightlife, Restaurants, and Social Network industries. Its offering is a mobile app that puts the finest clubs and similar-minded people together from across the globe. Check the website for more information.


Out of Wilmington, Delaware, DitoBanx is a fintech company specializing in digital cryptocurrencies. Founded by Guillermo Contreras, the company facilitates Bitcoin Financial Services, offering tools such as Bitcoin Merchant tools, Bitcoin Savings Accounts, Bitcoin loans, Crypto Debit cards, and more. For more information about DitoBanx’s services, visit their website.


AppVirality is an innovative Wilmington-based company offering a plug-and-play growth hacking toolkit for mobile applications. Co-founded by Laxman Papineni and Ram Papineni, the company helps app developers identify and implement the right growth techniques without needing to code. Learn more about AppVirality by visiting the website.


Techpace, based in Wilmington, Delaware, specializes in developing state-of-the-art solutions in Big Data, Embedded Systems, Gaming, Information Technology, Mobile Apps, Software, and Video Games. Despite lacking an online presence, the company has made significant strides within its niche.


Finally, headquartered in Wilmington, Motify is a fitness application company targeting the wellness sector. Founded by Andrey Tsytsenko, the organization offers users virtual workout classes from top trainers, anytime, anywhere. Its affordable mobile application delivers world-class fitness programs right at your fingertips. To learn more about Motify, visit the company’s website.

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